Active Aging: No Place Like Foam

With Sara Kooperman, JD
This exploratory session addresses foam rolling for the Active Ager. Self-care is increasingly important to incorporate into our daily activity to ensure that our body functions optimally. Get “on a roll” to explore safe methods of myofascial release, including self-massage, to manage reduced flexibility, accumulated injuries and decreased mobility and circulation for the 50+ market.

Strength Training for Longevity & Vitality

With Sara Kooperman
Whether a personal quest or way to engage the fastest growing segment of the population, this workout presents effective and manageable training techniques for the 50+ population. Led by an icon in the fitness industry, Sara takes you through this Group Strength Class using simple exercises and portable equipment for a total body workout. Strength, endurance, flexibility and balance are the lenses we use when analyzing our programming. It’s not about how long or hard you train, it’s about exercising smart for longevity and vitality.

Yoga for the Young at Heart

With Sara Kooperman
Join Sara Kooperman, an icon in the fitness industry with three decades of experience, as she uncovers insights into living life to the fullest.

Exercise & Aging – Best Practice Programming

With Sara Kooperman, JD
By the year 2030, the fastest growing segment of the population with be the 85+ individual. There will be 70 million 65 year olds and older. This staggering shift in societal demographics promises to have tremendous impacts on our economic, social and physical well-being. Both land and water programming for group fitness professionals and personal trainers alike will be addressed.

Will & Grace: Functional Toning

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA, & Sara Kooperman, JD
Experience effective functional total body training techniques using WILL-ful and GRACE-ful force and fluidity… stability and mobility… muscle and mind.

Desperate Hotwives: Season 1

With Cammy Dennis, Sara Kooperman, JD, & Deborah Puskarich
The ladies of SCW are creating quite a stir in the ‘neighborhood!’ This workout brought to you by three of SCW’s finest femmes fatale, offers a creative combination of effective cardio and strengthening elements.

Step Combat Choreography

With Sara Kooperman, JD
Experience kickboxing choreography that mixes martial arts moves with stepping patterns. With the turn of the century, learn six 32-count combat combinations that incorporate twists and turns with martial arts kicks and punches that even beginning steppers can follow.