Presented by Sheldon McBee

Old school meets new school! Studios all over the world are creating brilliant programs that feature a combination of functional training, strength training, circuits, metabolic conditioning, yoga, and more. Experience a successful class that focuses on bodybuilding principles designed to develop and shape muscle. Leave this workout with inspiring and effective programming ideas.


Presented by Sheldon McBee

Your core muscles are an amazing team of skeletal muscle tissue that prevents injury and amplifies performance. In this unique workout, experience blocks of fun, energetic, and dynamic exercises that heavily utilize core conditioning. Enhance speed, power, and agility while minimizing risk to the spine. Designed for the general population this workout is the ideal opportunity to practice programming that can set you apart.

Coaching Core Stability

Presented by Sheldon McBee, MS
The ability to coach core stability beyond expectation will bring you, as a fitness professional, one step closer to aligning concept to application. In this session, you will learn coaching concepts specific to stabilizing the spine in a scalable coaching model.