Lower Extremity Movement Mechanics

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
Coaching proper form and technique begins with movement patterns, not exercises. Adapt your knowledge of stability and mobility throughout the kinetic chain to teach proper movement and exercises for the lower extremity. Join this session focused on movement research and learn how to properly coach the lower extremity exercises.

Time: 95 minutes

Building Blocks: Core Science & Training

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
We all train utilizing core exercises, but do you have a sense of understanding regarding hip stability, the three layers of trunk musculature and respective functions? How about training specific to exercise progressions and balance to avoid low-back injury? Fabio provides answers to these questions and more.

Time: 90 minutes

Anchor Down

With Chris Henry
This aquatic exercise session focuses on grounded/anchored movements often omitted or overlooked in traditional exercises classes. In this course, we’ll focus on the benefits of these isolated exercises that can increase core strength, stability, power and flexibility as well as compliment other exercise regimens. Come for a surprisingly challenging workout!

Time: 68 minutes