Bodyweight Barre

With Keli Roberts
Pure and simple, Bodyweight Barre offers an effective total body workout with no equipment. Graceful, flowing Barre inspired movements create a core-centric muscular endurance program that trains the body from the inside-out, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Discover the grace within and sculpt a dancer’s body!

Power Body Barre

With Billie Wartenberg
Barre Classes can ROCK using the Power Systems Body Bar. Learn creative patterns, dynamic choreography and a seamless flow combining the Body Bar with your own body. Help your members improve balance, muscular endurance and muscle strength with combined cardio blocks to improve overall fitness.

Body & Sole: Barefoot Training for Active Agers

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
One of our biggest fears as we age is falling, yet rarely do we spend time with our active agers addressing our feet which carry us through life. Research and Review from the Barefoot Trend is hotter than ever, and this workshop fuses the latest peer reviewed, cutting-edge information with practical applications of shoeless movement for older adults. We will blend research with foot hygiene, muscular anatomy, and stability and mobility movements to train the foot and lower-leg complex to improve balance and foot function.

Time: 93 minutes

Core Fit

With Elian Haan
Ingredients for this format are balance, flexibility and strength, delivering quality over quantity with an emphasis on the how and why. Look for simple, result-driven and effective moves. Experience five 10-minute blocks of lunges & squats, shoulders & arms, balance, core and flexibility for a great hour of functional fitness.

Assume the Position

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
A common thread among personal-training sessions and fitness classes is movement. The human body moves via a finite number of positions from chair fitness to circus acrobatics. This session explores positions of the body for cardiovascular, strength and flexibility conditioning. In addition to gaining new movement pattern ideas for what the body can do safely, you will gain a new mindset for conceptualizing how to train clients.

Dynamic Anatomy: Core/Upper Body

With Pete McCall, MS
How does the position of the shoulders affect the hips? What is the most effective way to strengthen the rectus abdominus? You must understand anatomy to develop and teach exercise programs that meet your clients’ needs. This session will help you appreciate how muscles function during upright movement patterns.

Time: 92 minutes

Ultimate Strength & Conditioning Workout

With Julio Papi
This innovative and challenging session focuses on implementing the research behind body weight training. The sequences are smart and creative and organized in blocks with specific objectives. Functionality improves exponentially and so does the participants’ motivation. This session combines an approach that is logical, effective and fun!

Total Body Core Training

With Pete McCall, MS
Effective core training should integrate all muscles to work effectively around the center of gravity. Traditional core exercises have clients lying on the ground moving in a single plane, which does not prepare the muscles for the forces they will experience during upright, ground-based movement. Disruptive Training with various equipment, including the ActivMotion Bar, will help you design a core training program that prepares the body for the way it is designed to work in a three-dimensional environment.

Time: 71 minutes

The One Weight Workout: Kettlebell

With Pete McCall, MS
Do you have a limited budget for only a few pieces of equipment? This session will teach you strategies for creating a fun and challenging workout that addresses mobility, strength, power and metabolic conditioning using only the Kettlebell.

Time: 90 minutes

Little Tweaks For Big Results

With Keli Roberts
Learn to make small modifications to traditional exercises to change the exercises for a variety of body types and health conditions. See how changes in planes of motion, foot, hand, hip and shoulder positioning can make a difference. Little Tweaks in verbal, visual and kinesthetic coaching will create big results!