Dive In

Presented by Yury Rockit
Join Yury to experience the most effective and innovative ways to enhance your cardiovascular capacity while submerging your head in the water. Challenge both strength and endurance while using land-based pieces of fitness equipment in the water and become a better athlete on land.

Time: 76 Minutes

Hard Core Peace Core

With Yury Rockit
Get Yury’s ideas and moves that create a flowing, balanced muscle conditioning experience using barefoot bodyweight. We will incorporate a variety of planes, body positions, transitions, progressions & regressions to transform our traditional movement patterns with a mindful component.

Water Running

With Yury Rockit
Two of the most authentic and natural forms of human movement are walking and running. Exploring running techniques in the water not only mimics and creates an adaptation for better land movement, but also challenges us to become more efficient and mindful of our form, muscle activation, and breathing without excessive wear on our joints!

I Wish I Knew Before…

With Yury Rockit
Any age can teach active aging clients with understanding of the aging mental process from the perspective of mindfulness. Current research reveals possible secrets and tips that Yury shares for adding to aging process mindfulness, meditation, and music. We will also address balance from a mental and physical perspective.

Hit the Wall

With Yury Rockit
Some tools are readily available to us that we often ignore: our own bodyweight and a wall. Come experience creative ideas implementing our walls into different movement experiences for both strength & cardio conditioning applications to enhance mobility.

Y3: Yin Yang Yoga

With Yury Rockit
Renovate your yoga formats with a variety of transformational practices that benefit body, breath, and mind. Learn to complement dynamic asana flow (yang yoga) with a slower-paced practice (yin yoga) to create a balanced movement experience enhancing your relaxation response.

It’s Raining Men!

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA, Jeff Howard, Yury Rockit & Manuel Velazquez
Enjoy this fantastic workout with our Men of MANIA! The pool will never be the same when you experience this tidal wave of energy and enthusiasm. Each one of our fantastic presenters will focus on one body part – the heart, lungs, legs, arms and abs in this tempest of creativity. Leave with flood of new ideas to make a splash Monday morning!

Athletes & Asanas

With Yury Rockit
If you have clients training for an endurance race, to improve sport performance, or looking to creatively cross-train from their regular routines, Yury will show both group ex instructors and personal trainers how to dimentionalize yoga to attract more athlete types.

Animals & Asanas

With Yury Rockit
Join Yury for a look at different approaches to yoga for group fitness emphasizing animal patterns. We learn some animal quadruped and biped gait patterns as a warm-up and then focus on strength and flexibility using some of our favorite – and new – animal-based asana.

Introduction To Meditation

With Yury Rockit
Learn with Yury the background to traditional tenets of Buddhist meditation: from principles to practices. Instead of just learning the theory, we will practice this together as we discuss it so gain some new pranayama skills and meditation drills you can implement into your own life.