Thank you for attending the SCW Stretching & Flexibility Certification. To complete the certification process, you will need to pass the online exam. Please follow the directions below:



You will be assessed a $35 administrative fee if you lose the link to the manual or exam. Links can not to be distributed to others under penalty of law.)

3. After you click on the exam link above, you will be asked to create and retain a log-in and password to access your exam, results and certificate.

4. Keep your log-in and password in a safe place and do not lose it.

5. Begin your exam. There is no time limit for the exam – you can even start and stop your exam with the ability to resume later. The exam is available for two weeks after the date of your Live Training.

6. You must obtain a score of 70% or greater to pass. You have two attempts to pass the exam.

7. Once you pass your exam, you can download and print your customized certificate by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE” link, which includes Continuing Education Credit (CEC) information.

8. Once your exam has been completed, evaluate the certification at www.scwfit.com/certeval.


Each SCW Certification is valid for two years. 20 CECs are required with a minimum of 2 CECs from SCW Fitness. Visit www.scwfit.com/scwproviders for a list of approved CEC Providers. Renew your certification online at www.scwfit.com/certification-renewal for $55. Late renewals are $75.


SCW MANIA® Fitness Conferences offer up to 20 CECs with over 250 sessions with up to 70 Presenters including 20+ certifications in DC, CA, FL, GA, TX, PA, IL & MA, www.scwfit.com/MANIA. Online or Streaming Certifications offer up to 8 CECs and are available at www.scwfit.com/certifications. Virtual MANIA® and SCW Video CEC Programs also offer valuable CECs at www.scwfit.com/Virtual and www.scwfit.com/CECs.

Host a Live Certification at your facility by visiting www.scwfit.com/hostsite.

Thank you for choosing SCW Fitness Education.

In health,
SCW Certification Team
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