Recorded Aqua Education 30-30

30 Recorded Workshops, 30 Days to Watch

Whether you are brand new to aquatic fitness or an industry veteran with 20+ years of experience, you will want to dip your toe into the Recorded Aqua Ex Summit. This event had everything you need to explore your creative side, expand your knowledge library, and obtain those valuable CECs at an unprecedented low discounted price of $129. What is the Aqua Ex Summit you ask? It is an action-packed day of inspiring and informative sessions with elite aqua exercise educators teaching the latest research and moves to take you to the next level.

Aqua Ex Summit was Saturday, June 25, 2022. Wait a second, didn’t I miss the event? FEAR NOT! Lucky for you, you didn’t miss a thing. We recorded 30 workshops to review in the comfort of your home or studio at your convenience.  The best part is the price. To watch every single exciting educational video from your favorite and soon to be favorite presenters such as Manuel Velazquez, Jeff Howard, Cheri Kulp, and 8 other incredible well-recognized top instructors, it’s only $129. You’re probably thinking there is no way I can watch over 2,250 minutes of scientifically based movements. Once again, FEAR NOT! You get 30 days to soak up as much information in your ever evolving personal sponge. The best part is you will receive up to 15 CECs from providers like SCW, AFAA, NASM, ACE, AEA, and ACSM.

Even though the SCW Aqua Ex Summit was this past weekend doesn’t mean you missed out. Take advantage of up-skilling your portfolio, adding new choreography to your classes, and renewing the confidence in your students.   Are you ready to take your aqua career to the next level? Then register today for 30 workshops covering the hottest trending aqua education for either $129. Don’t wait because this offer will pass just like June 25! 



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