She’s Got Legs
She Knows How to Use Them

by Betsy Hare

As a WATERinMOTION® instructor, you’ve probably noticed the underwater shots in your quarterly video downloads.  You may have even said, “wow, that’s so helpful, who is that person? or I wonder how I can do that?” Well, wonder no more.  We would like to introduce you to the in’s & outs of being a WIM Pool Participant and the longest running (or splashing) member of the filming team.

As an important, albeit incognito, team member of WATERinMOTION® filming, Betsy Hare has been the “legs” of instructor videos since 2014.  You won’t see her relentless energy or well-timed cues on deck, you may not even know who you are looking at, but Betsy has been a featured member of the team from under the surface. She has been the predominant underwater leg focus in most releases since WATERinMOTION® Original, Wave 16. (By the way, we just finished filming Original 50 & 51.) Why have an underwater camera? Well, without team members like Betsy, our job would be much, much harder.  Why is this?

As instructors on deck, under the confines of gravity, we have limits to movements that involve being suspended and repeated power.  Underwater leg focus allows instructors at home to see exactly what the choreography should look like from a pool perspective. Coaching and cuing a buoyancy-based workout in a gravity-based environment is no small feat (requiring little less than Trapeze artist skills) as instructors attempt to demonstrate multiple levels, from rocket jacks to tucks and even flotation skis, in order to encourage participants into a full body workout.

Our pool presenters can quite easily show all levels in a fluid and athletic way, allowing instructors-at-home to see full hip extension and abdominal engagement, in moves such as a cross country ski or lateral shoot through.  Movements such as a pendulum or rocket jack require a strong foot landing on the pool bottom, bending the knees, and then powerfully pushing off the bottom into a huge explosion out of the water for a great cardio hit.

To give you an idea of how much goes into a WIM filming, here’s a typical filming day:

  • 7:00 am-Makeup and swimsuit ready for group photo shots of the WATERinMOTION® team
  • 7:30 am-9:30 am-WATERinMOTION® Original filming
  • 5-10-minute break for hydration and “potty” needs
  • 9:45 am-11:45 am-Platinum filming
  • 5-10-minute break
  • 12:00 pm-1:30 pm-Strength filming
  • Lunch and regrouping
  • 2:15 pm-6:30 pm-Practice of the remaining releases for day 2 of filming
  • 7:00 pm-Dinner

This seems like a long, exhausting couple of days, so why do our dedicated pool participants choose to travel from locations all around the country to take this plunge twice a year? Let me count the ways (reasons.)  Camaraderie, love of the program, experience, friendship, opportunity to be a part of this branded, solid program, and a chance to grow professionally & personally. 

Perhaps the best reason of all is simply put, “The water brings us all back to our childhood when we played and enjoyed it; just get in and have fun!”-Betsy Hare

The majority of our pool participants are certified WATERinMOTION® instructors at the place they call home, so participating in filming gives them the chance to experience the upcoming releases from the member perspective. Having physical bodies in the pool allows the deck team to deliver all three programs in a realistic setting. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, participating in a filming includes everyone as a part of our wonderful family we affectionately call “our WIM FAM” creating everlasting memories and friendships that are cherished and kept forever.

Our team would be incomplete without these incredible mer-people and their amazing dedication.  We are very grateful for the energy and effort they provide during each filming. 

Now the question you’ve been asking since you started reading this article, “How do I sign up?” The answer is simple.  Just email us at [email protected] or fill out this contact form, We are always looking for new talent both in and out of the water.  Once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you with more information. 

Looking forward to meeting you at our next WATERinMOTION® filming, February 26-March 1, 2023.  Jump in…the water’s fine!


About the Author, Betsy Hare

With over 23 years experience in teaching and training in the fitness industry, Betsy is ecstatic to be joining the Water in Motion Champion team. She has been in 10 Water in Motion DVDs. She was the underwater focus in WIM 18 and 19 and in WIM 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and Platinum 5 and 6. As a competitive ice skater in her youth ,Betsy discovered her passion for fitness and movement. She is certified with Water in Motion, AEA as a group instructor and personal trainer, Burdenko levels 1-7, Hydrorider, ATRI, Hydrofit and the Arthritis Foundation. In addition to her extensive water experience Betsy is also certified with AFAA, Les Mills (Body Pump and CxWorx), Stott pilates, Zumba (Gold, Basic1,2, Aqua), NETA,Yogafit, Silver sneakers, and Tabata Boot camp. When not pursuing fitness endeavors , Betsy is a practicing ARCB certified Reflexologist. She holds a B.S from Boston College and an M.S. From SUNY Buffalo. Betsy is the lead Aquatic Fitness trainer at the JCC of Greater Buffalo in Getzville, NY


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