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Thursday, June 13
Optimizing Active Aging
with Sara Kooperman, Keli Roberts, Deborah Rothschild & Rosie Malaghan
Thursday, May 16
Coaching Complex Joints
with Amber Toole, Ruston Webb, Michael Hughes & Paul Christopher
Thursday, April 18
Integrating Nutrition Education for Fitness Pros
with Amber Toole, Melissa Layne, Sohailla Digsby & Julie Zuleger
Thursday, March 14
Revitalizing Group Fitness: Strategies for Success in 2024
with Sara Kooperman, Gail Bannister-Munn, Stacey Vandiver, Tricia Murphy-Madden & Melissa Layne
Thursday, February 15
Beyond Resolutions: Keeping Clients Engaged All Year
with Brandi Clark, Ruston Webb & Irene McCormick
Thursday, January 18
Time Optimized Workouts: Bust Your Busy Schedule
with Sara Kooperman, Dr. Aaron Aslakson, Greg Johnson & Dr. Jonathan Mike
Thursday, December 14
Setup for Success in 2024
with Sara Kooperman, Sheldon McBee, Brandi Clark & Bill McBride
Thursday, November 16
Mind-Body Workouts for Mental Health
with Sara Kooperman, Siri Chilazi & Kimberly Spreen-Glick
Thursday, October 23
Corrective Exercise for Functional Movement
with Sara Kooperman, Gail Bannister-Munn, Patrick Mummy & Dillan Foss
Thursday, September 21
Thriving as a Fitness Pro Online
with Sara Kooperman, Brandi Clark, Christine Conti & Michele Park
Thursday, August 17
The Power of Life Coaching
with Sara Kooperman, Amber Toole, Kimber Spreen-Glick & Mariana Santos
Thursday, July 13
Active Agers: Secrets to Successful Training
with Sara Kooperman, Robert Linkul, Ann Gilbert & Deborah Rothschild

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Thursday, June 29
Fit for All: Embracing LGBTQ+
Inclusivity in the Fitness Industry
with Christine Conti, MEd, Christine DeFilippis, Siri Chilazi, MBA, MA, Stacey Lei Kruass & Denise Imbesi
Thursday, June 22
Complexity of Coaching Women
with Amber Toole, Joanne Groves, Jessica Maurer & Irene McCormick, MS
Thursday, June 15
The Importance of Recovery
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Dr. Julie Zuleger, Andrea Metcalf
& Gail Bannister-Munn
Thursday, June 1
Fueling Your Performance
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Dr. Erin Nitschke, Sohailla Digsby, RDN, LD & Dr. Parker Hyde
Thursday, May 25
Benefits of Building Muscle
with Sara Kooperman, Detric Smith, Dr. Jonathan Mike, PhD
Thursday, May 11
Sleep – The Missing Link
with Sara Kooperman, Tricia Murphy-Madden, Sheldon McBee & Paul Christopher
Thursday, May 4
Sleep – The Missing Link
with Amber Toole, Greg Johnson & Casey Zavaleta
Thursday, April 27
Power of the Pool
with Jeff Howard, Sara Vandenberg, Jeanette Pyle & Irene McCormick
Thursday, April 20
Perks of Pilates
with Amber Toole, Margot McKinnon, MEd, Gail Bannister-Munn & Jenna Zafinno
Thursday, April 6
Be Safe with Your Shoulders
with Sara Kooperman, Andrew Gavigan, Chris Gellert, Summer Sides & Patrick Mummy
Thursday, March 23
Versatility of Yoga
with Sara Kooperman, Siri Chilazi, MBA, MA, Gail Bannister-Munn & Kimberly Spreen-Glick
Thursday, March 9
Glute Training: Perfect Your Posterier
with Sara Kooperman, Andrew Gavigan & Abbie Appel
Thursday, March 2
Social Media: – Keeping Consistent with Content
with Sara Kooperman, Ellen de Werd, Marisa Hoff, Brandi Clark & Jessica Maurer
Thursday, February 16
The 3 R’s: Retention, Referrals & Results
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Detric Smith, Bob Esquerre, MA, Bill McBride & Lisa Gorsline
Thursday, February 9
Healthy & Happy Hips
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Keli Roberts, Soraya Doherty & Paul Christopher
Thursday, February 2
Program Design for Different Formats
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Gail Bannister-Munn, Alison Robbins & Jonathan Mike, PhD
Thursday, January 26
Group Ex: A Positive Outlook for a New Year
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Amy Thompson, Mo Hagan, Janice Jaicks & Jamie Nicholls
Thursday, January 19
Secrets to Small Business Success
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Diva Richards, Jennifer Maanavi & Amber Toole
Thursday, January 12
Managing Mental Health
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Kimberly Spreen-Glick, Victor Brick, Lynne Brick & Jessica Moyer
Thursday, January 5
The Future of Fitness 2023
with Sara Kooperman, JD, Elizabeth Clark, Brent Darden, Blair McHaney & Bill McBride