It’s None of Your Business: 6-27-24

It’s None of Your Business – It’s All of It!
Successful Strategies to Plan for Summer
Thursday June 27, 2pm-3pm ET

Featuring Sara Kooperman, JD, Mark Harrington Jr., Debra Strougo, Emma Barry & Mike Wuest, MBA

As the summer season approaches, fitness businesses have a unique opportunity to capitalize on increased interest in health and wellness. This webinar will explore strategies to effectively plan for the summer, ensuring your fitness business thrives during this typically lower period. Our expert panel will share insights on creating seasonal marketing campaigns, social media posts, adjusting service offerings, managing staff schedules, and enhancing member engagement. Whether you’re a gym owner, personal trainer, or fitness studio manager, this session will equip you with actionable strategies to make the most of the summer months.
Key Takeaways
  • Seasonal Marketing Campaigns: Learn how to design and implement marketing campaigns and social media strategies that attract new clients and retain existing members during the summer.
  • Service Adjustments: Discover how to adjust your class schedules, introduce special summer programs, and offer outdoor fitness sessions to cater to seasonal preferences.
  • Staff Management: Gain tips on optimizing staff schedules to handle the summer rush, ensuring you have the right team in place to meet increased demand.
  • Member Engagement: Explore innovative ways to keep your members engaged and motivated, including summer challenges, programming, events, and community-building activities.

Meet our Industry Leading Expert Panel

Kooperman, JD

CEO, SCW Fitness Education, WATERinMOTION®, and S.E.A.T. Fitness

Sara Kooperman, JD is the CEO of SCW Fitness Education, WATERinMOTION®, and S.E.A.T. Fitness (Supported, Exercise for Ageless Training). Sara won the 2022 Most Innovating Fitness Pro by the Fitness Industry Technology Council (FIT-C) and is a best-selling author of FIT FOR BUSINESS. She’s an inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, an Illinois State Businesswoman of the Year, and is a valued member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Communication & Public Information Committee. Sara serves on the Gold’s Gym Think Tank and canfitpro Advisory Panel. She’s a founding board member of Women In Fitness Association (WIFA) and has received nominations for the IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year Award.

Harrington Jr.

President of Healthworks Fitness, Republic Fitness, and GymIt

Mark Harrington Jr. is a dynamic executive with a proven record in fitness and IT consulting. As President of Healthworks Fitness, Republic Fitness, and GymIt, he drives growth by blending technology and vision. Co-founder of First Fitness Management, he’s committed to community health through Healthworks Community Fitness. Mark’s leadership serves thousands of members and employs hundreds of fitness professionals, reflecting his dedication to innovation, team development, and holistic well-being.


Former / Founding CEO of Row House

Debra is a business developer and entrepreneur who has worked in corporate as well as start-up settings. She was the founding CEO of Row House, which she successfully exited to Xponential Fitness, ultimately selling 325 franchise units and becoming a national brand. She currently acts as a Founders Co-pilot helping other brands grow in the health and wellness space, but has also worked in tourism and publishing industries – always with a client-centric approach.


Founding member of Les Mills Int'l & Former Equinox Director

Emma Barry is a global fitness authority and co-founder of Good Soul Hunting – an executive search brand for purpose-led fit tech and well tech companies. A founding member of Les Mills International and former Director at Equinox, Emma is fluent in what happens next in fitness. She is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, and published author of international bestseller Building a Badass Boutique – available on Amazon. Emma’s impatience with the status quo, infectious energy, and innovative flair unlocks and activates the greatness in go-getter people and companies.

Wuest, MBA

VP of Marketing for Small Business Division at Daxko

As the VP of Marketing for the Small Business division at Daxko, Mike leverages his MBA and 15+ years of marketing and customer experience expertise to lead the go-to-market strategy Daxco’s amazing portfolio of brands – Zen Planner, SugarWOD, and UpLaunch. Through Daxco’s 25,000 locations, they serve millions of members worldwide driving growth, retention, and loyalty all while developing and executing customer-centric strategies. Mike previously founded and ran CrossFit COMO, a premier CrossFit training gym in Columbia, MO.

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