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In the comprehensive course, learn to conduct and interpret key movement screens and implement a corrective exercise program to restore the body’s proper biological design. Discover how to effectively coach the five movement patterns so that any exercise can be performed safely and effectively, without the risk of injury. Gain expertise on how to become more of a movement specialist and present pre-hab exercises to prevent the necessity of rehab. As exercise-related injuries continue to increase in fitness, is it time to revisit and understand the foundation concepts of movement, the relationship of stability and mobility throughout the kinetic chain and how they function in exercise and movement?

Educational Materials Include:

  • SCW Corrective Exercise Course Manual
  • Online Certification Outline and Instructions
  • Online Exam
  • Two Corrective Exercise Streaming Videos
  • CECs: SCW (7.0), ACSM (7.0)
  • FREE Live course accompanying the Online Certification*

* Must be same format & within 1 year of purchase.

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