OnDemand FAQ

SCW Fitness OnDemand is a brand new premium video subscription service that provides instant access to hundreds of unique workouts right at your fingertips, on your computer or mobile device. Enjoy UNLIMITED STREAMING of your favorite presenters demonstrating the best of personal training, aquatic fitness, yoga, Pilates, tai chi, dance, senior fitness, and much more! You can subscribe on a yearly or monthly basis with the annual subscription providing the best value with a savings of $140 (More than a FULL YEAR FREE) as compared to the monthly plan. CLICK HERE to learn more.
CLICK HERE to choose a payment plan, then visit your cart to checkout and pay for your subscription.
After purchasing SCW Fitness OnDemand you must be logged into your account in order to access this unlimited video streaming service. CLICK HERE to login and watch your videos.
Each video is unique ranging from 45 minutes to over 3 hours in length. As a subscriber you can watch as often as you like without any limitation.
Brand new videos are added every month and are automatically included in your subscription.
SCW Fitness OnDemand videos are available as an unlimited streaming service accessible at any time as long as you have an internet connection and are logged into your active SCW Fitness OnDemand account.
SCW Fitness OnDemand videos are optimized for viewing on a broadband connection. This includes cable, fiber optics or DSL. It is not recommended for those using a slower connection such as dial up or data restricted mobile plans under 4GBs per month.
SCW Fitness OnDemand videos let you do our exclusive workouts on the most popular devices. You can use your computer (Mac or  PC), iPad, tablet, iPhone or smartphone.
SCW Fitness has been in business for over 30 years and our extensive collection of videos have been filmed throughout this 30 year span. Our videos star only the finest fitness educators from SCW MANIA Fitness Conventions including Abbie Appel, Lawrence Biscontini, MA, Sara Kooperman, JD, Mindy Mylrea, Jeff Howard, Manuel Velasquez, Melissa Layne, MEd, Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS, CSCS and so many more!
Abs & Core, Aqua, Balance/Function, Barre Videos, Circuit/Interval, Combat/Kickboxing, Dance, Hi/Lo Videos, Kettlebell, Kids’ Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Training, Pilates, Pregnancy, Sculpting/Toning, Senior Fitness, Step Videos, Yoga & T’ai Chi and more!
Trouble with watching SCW Fitness OnDemand videos can be caused by a slow internet connections, an interrupted connection or being logged out of SCW Fitness OnDemand.
You can manage your SCW OnDemand subscription via the “My Account” link located at the top of this website.  This includes upgrading or cancelling your account.  Subscriptions are automatically renewed as long as you are using a current and active credit card.  To cancel your SCW OnDemand Subscription, follow these step-by-step instructions.
If you cancelled a subscription service you are granted access to this until the end of the subscription/membership term.  You will get a notice saying “Pending cancellation” until the term of the subscription/membership ends. This means you still have access for the subscription/membership you paid for until it expires.  At the end of the term you will no longer be billed and access to the service will be terminated.
Click here to retrieve your username and/or password.  You can also change these at any time using the same link above.
  Absolutely, we take your privacy and security very serious.  All purchases and sensitive information is secured using an encrypted SSL connection.
MANIA Presenters, classes, dates and times are subject to change without formal notice. We have a NO REFUNDS Policy for MANIA registrations. SCW Fitness Education is not responsible for acts of God, nature, war, union or labor disputes, or other events out of their control.  If you purchased a subscription, membership, online certification or any other digital product there are also NO REFUNDS.  We do offer exchanges for apparel for the appropriate size. 

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