Webinar: Social Media During This Pandemic

Presented by SCW Fitness
In a world that’s gone fully online, join our panel of top fitness & social media experts as they show you how to maximize your reach on social. We’ll also cover how you can convert your social following into money in your bank account while your physical club locations are shut down.

Topics Addressed:
1. How has the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed the course of social media?
2. What are some steps fitness pro’s can take to grow their social network during these unique times?
3. How can you monetize social media during this pandemic to supplement the income that has been cut from so many fitness pros?
4. Can you convert your social following into clients after this pandemic lifts?
5. Will social media workouts replace in-club workouts?
6. How much is too much for fit pros to be posting? Or is that even a concern in the current climate?
7. In a world that seems to have gone fully online at the moment, how do we maintain the personal connection our clients want on social media?
8. Should you focus your attention to one platform more than another right now? How do you know which one?