Sunday – July 23, 2023


Session 1


Programming for active aging clients does not have to be boring! Incorporating a variety of types of exercise blended with functional training offers a chance to wow your clients. Walk away with fun, challenging workout sequences that will increase their quality of life.

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Learn unique and effective exercises to train the core from the inside out. Integrate stability balls and a variety of bands along with weighted body movements, to experience challenging exercises that utilize the hips, abs, back, glutes, and chest. This is truly a modern workout for 2023!

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The glutes are a crucial part of the core, so let’s get them poppin’! No part of the booty will be left untouched, so you’ll walk away (or crawl out) with fun ideas for your class participants!

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Experience the best of Barre + Pilates! Strengthen and sculpt your core in this fun fusion class featuring powerful ab-focused moves without props. Learn creative, dynamic sequences, both standing, and on the mat, that are guaranteed to supercharge from the inside out. This class is a one stop shop to fire up your core from every angle. 

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The ability to change direction, stop, start, and increase dexterity is safely trained in the pool and necessary for all ages, whether athletes or grandparents working on improving activities of daily life. We will take proven agility training protocols and modify them for the shallow water whether you work with single individuals, small or large groups.

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Take a quick dive into how our body produces energy and how we can target it to not just train our clients, but to optimize the way they fuel their bodies during exercise. Analyze how we produce energy to fuel that 1-rm (one-rep max) snatch and run a marathon too! (Lecture)

The level of sustainable results, success, and revenue you receive from your clients is directly related to how much time, effort, knowledge, and care you invest in those clients. We all want the status, revenue, and success of the top trainers. It’s time to make that your reality. 


Session 2


Grab a seat and experience the latest in chair fitness. Inspired by “Dancing with the Stars,” this motivating dance fitness class blends ballroom dancing and gentle weight training with simple, easy-to-follow patterns designed specifically for the active aging population. Like all LaBlast® formats, LaBlast® Chair Fitness can be adapted for all levels. Whether you prefer to dance standing up and using the chair for balance, or seated the whole time, you’ll surely have a blast!

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This hands-on session discusses and identifies the mechanics, technical intricacies, and execution of the overhead press addressing variations for personal trainers and coaches. Review the importance of optimal technique from an implementation, training, and application perspective.

Athletic mind-body movement set to crazy fun music! Experience a SOULfusion masterclass and dive deeper into the importance of music and how it connects to movement. Walk away with easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach, fun-to-take choreography to use in your classes right away. SOULfusion is a blend of yoga-inspired moves, flexibility, mobility training, and cardio bursts designed for EVERYbody. It’s more than a class it’s an EXPERIENCE!

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With multi-focuses and modalities, fusion workouts are more than a trend, they are the future of fitness. More members are drawn to the pool as we age to increase strength and work on stabilization to minimize fall risk. Using common aqua moves and basic equipment, learn a dozen fusion progressions to keep our muscles strong and joints stable.

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What’s more important, calories, macros, or the nutrient profile of foods? Can you make any impact on where fat tissue loss occurs? Is weight maintenance really a numbers game, or is there more to it? Are some people just unable to manage their weight? Find out in this session! 

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The landscape of health club chains, independent clubs, boutiques and not-for-profits has been forever changed. Join these top industry leaders as they guide you through what lies ahead. Take away invaluable, effective solutions to pressing issues to set yourself up and apart for success moving forward in the new normal for fitness. Group participation is encouraged, so please come with plenty of questions for this interactive and illuminating session.  

Session 3


This creative total body resistance band workout begins with a simple but effective steady-state cardio routine to increase heart rate and movement in all three planes. Continue the class using tubing to strengthen the core with functional movement patterns, challenging balance, and integrated body coordination with inspiration. Complete the workout with a unique stretch and relaxation segment to reset the mind and body. Leave with a strengthening and resistance program that includes a touch of “boogie”. Effective for all ages and fitness levels. 

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Core work is not just crunches. Focusing on abs alone will never get the results you want and deserve. This program is designed to work all aspects of your core using strength and cardio combined to scorch your abs. Review the common misconceptions we should be debunking with our clients to lead to sustainable success.

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Are you ready to take control of your back pain and help your clients take control of theirs? 80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Learn simple exercises and lifestyle changes that can help your clients become PAIN FREE, leading to more consistency with training and exceeding training goals.

As our clients age or reach new levels of ability, the way they strength train becomes exponentially important. Learn how to create a smart, solid, and safe program of hypertrophy success that focuses on strengthening primary and accessory musculature through density & volume!

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Leave your high-heeled platforms at home and strap on those water slides for a little disco and a splash. Bring in the funk with this low impact, high energy dance class to stimulate your brain and challenge your muscles. Take a dive into our disco party! 

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Food scientists are paid high dollars to create an elusive pursuit of food as a drug. We will explore the bliss point of food, the science behind food addictions, neurotransmitters, and regulation of receptors. Most importantly, how do we avoid “chasing the dragon” with our nutritional plans. (Lecture) 

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Learn the secrets of a successful sales mindset, and the top mistakes stopping fitness businesses from reaching their full potential. Develop your brand and marketing to stand out from the competition and speak to your ideal clients. Walk away with a clear strategy to jump-start your sales! 

Session 4


New research and updated guidelines recommend strength training for women. Understanding the right intensity, including volumes, is critical. Gain insights from research including the importance of the SAID Principle (Specific, Adaptions, Imposed, Demands), Tri-Sets, Cluster Sets, and Single-Joint exercises in a transformational training program for women over 40.

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This hands-on session will discuss and identify the biomechanics and technical intricacies of the deadlift and help clients and athletes better understand its execution. We will cover its importance with a complete analysis of the mechanics and intricacies of the movement.

Experience the latest and greatest in myofascial release with foam rollers and massage sticks. Explore recovery for you and your clients using simple, inexpensive and portable equipment. Leave with new ideas and techniques to implement with your clients and classes.

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Kickboxing with a twist and a little shake. In this class you will kick and punch your way through a fat blasting total body toning workout. The music will have you flowing through a non-stop workout with heart pumping dance jams. 

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Achieve the strength and tone from resistance workouts without lifting weights, getting sweaty, and feeling the effects later in your joints more than your muscles. Use resistance tubing, aqua dumbbells, and the side of the pool to build a stronger, firmer body for daily living activities in a joint-friendly environment.

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With increasing awareness of diet culture, trainers and gyms need to do more than just push weight-loss. How can we foster fitness and nutrition spaces that are safe, trauma-informed, and inclusive of all health goals? Not everyone wants or needs weight loss, so how can we support their fitness journeys? (Lecture)  

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Whether you’re 100% virtual, 100% training in person, training one on one, conducting small group training, or all the above, this business workshop will give you the tools to create your very first, or next, client challenge. Develop programming unique to your training style, method, and client base. From branding to program milestones, pricing, and marketing, design a business blueprint to keep your current clients engaged and attract new clients by the end of this DWY (done with you) workshop.

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