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July 19-21, 2024 • Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead

July 19-21, 2024 • Grand Hyatt Atlanta Buckhead

SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2024

Sunday is the last day of in-person MANIA where everything just seems to click. Conclude the event on a high note with sessions making you feel inspired, informed, and equipped with the tools to take back home with you.

Session 1: 7:30am-8:45am

Everyone wants a strong core and everyone is at different levels to reach that goal. In this one unique program, reach 4 different types of members: pre-hab, gentle, moderate and vigorous while targeting 4 core muscles for results you can be proud of!

Are you looking to take proactive steps to prioritize client bone health and well-being? This session is designed to educate and empower fitness professionals to better design and implement programs that serve the needs of aging clients. Learn safe and effective skills to achieve optimal bone strength and vitality!

Get ready for a dynamic, high-energy workout that’s a blast from the past. Join us for a fun-filled session of choreographed moves from low to high impact, set to nostalgic beats,. Improve coordination, focus, and groove your way to unexpected joy!

Experience a recovery class that is a great addition to group class offerings. SoulBody Restore gently warms the body through unique yoga flows, creates mobility through dynamic stretching and uses restorative techniques to release fascial tension, delivering a relaxed and centered feel.

Apply water principles to HIIT and BOXING moves to create an aqua workout that is a knockout! Learn the physiology of glycogen depletion and HOW to achieve this in a HIIT and BOXING program in the pool. Experience time-based drills for a challenging, exciting, and high-effort aqua workout.

Is sugar evil? Addictive? Worth it? Which is worse: sugar or fat? And what about snacks? Should it be fruit, or bars, or shakes? So many questions, and so little time before most people encounter their first (and sometimes fatal and final) heart attack. Get answers! (Lecture)

Join Craig in an exhilarating session where he unveils his proven strategies honed from working with top athletes and renowned brands, featuring on Netflix. Learn to become the go-to expert, attract dream clients, effortlessly create captivating content, and stay ahead of industry trends. Transform your business and life. 

Session 2: 9:00am-10:15am

Experience the newest LaBlast® Fitness format, Kids Fitness…a perfect balance of dance, fitness and FUN, designed for children ages 5 and up. This ‘workout in disguise’ gets kids moving to dances like the Jive, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Salsa & more! Change lives and share the gift of movement with the youth of the world!

Explore dynamic game-based training methods designed specifically for active agers. Discover how to infuse playfulness into fitness routines, promoting social engagement, mobility, and health. Learn the art of adapting traditional games and creating new ones to make exercise enjoyable and effective for older adults.

This session provides fresh insight on how to best serve the neurodivergent client. Identify the difference between a neurodivergent and neurotypical client and learn safe and effective training, coaching, and communication skills to help them reach their goals. Learn how to better serve this underserved and growing demographic.

The relationship between flexibility, mobility and stability includes components that are largely misunderstood. Mobility is about the joint, flexibility is about soft tissue, and stability is a major influencer. This session explores the science of flexibility and mobility, how to care for your fascia for greater mobility, and spinal stability.

Enjoy a tsunami of creativity with these senior-inspired routines. Leave with six (6) 64-count choreography blocks of captivating aqua sequences. Manual dexterity, ankle mobility, balance options, and neuroplasticity games are all integrated to improve your aqua aging programming. Comprehensive choreography handouts enhance your movement mastery. Stay current with purpose!

Discover the 30 most common training and nutrition pitfalls in this enlightening presentation. This session will help you gain strategies to circumvent these difficulties and optimize your health and fitness performance. Join Dr. Mike and learn about the science and real-world practical solutions to maximize your training and nutrition.

Understand how to program and train multiple clients while creating a balance of the fun social aspects of group fitness, while still being able to create individually focused workouts depending on each client’s goals and abilities. We will also discuss pricing, business strategies and marketing.

Session 3: 10:45am-12:00pm

This hands-on session discusses and identifies the mechanics, technical intricacies, and execution of the overhead press addressing variations for personal trainers and coaches. Review the importance of optimal technique from an implementation, training, and application perspective.

100% Dance, 100% Fitness and 100% Seated. A perfect balance of dance and fitness with little impact on the joints. Experience a diverse mix of famous ballroom dances set to your favorite music AND the ultimate core workout. No partner needed! You will learn to Jive, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Lindy Hop, Salsa & more…all from the comfort of your chair!

In a world with endless information, many people often skip foundational strength. This session will examine movements for maximum strength, endurance, and hypertrophy. Explore their role in both performance and weight loss as well as clarity as to when and where to focus on the basics.

Restoration is an essential part of any fitness regimen, but it can be hard to get clients to buy into it. This is why we’ve created a simple integrated 3-part restoration group class that combines foam rolling, stretching, and moving and leaves clients feeling so good and rejuvenated.

Experience the awesome resistance exercises with Liquid Gym Acqua Toner Bands and Bar to take your aqua workout into a new realm. Take the power of strength resistance training and the resistance/hydrostatic properties of water to give your workout a whole new release. Increase flexibility, muscle tone and range of motion; improve proprioception and blood circulation. Finish with a stretch routine using the Liquid Stars.

Is your kitchen your happy place, or does it work against your goals? Join our fit-pro dietitian to learn what to stock in your fridge and pantry, which gadgets are must-haves, go-to recipes for active people, perfect snack-stashes, meal-prep tips, and practical kitchen rules to live by.

Learning to monetize your fitness programs is very important for any fitness professional who wants to grow their business and income. Many factors affect the profitability of fitness programs, including positioning, marketing, packaging, delivery, target market, etc. And all this must be consistent, despite changes in talent and management. Creating and delivering amazing fitness programs is both art and science, but making money is the bottom line.

Session 4: 12:15pm-1:30pm

Want to increase real life rotational power for clients and athletes? Every program out there should be utilizing fundamental rotational power. This presentation examines the science of and real-life and unique application and hands-on session with many practical and useful movements to employ to enhance rotational power.

Americans age 55+ are feeling more alive and active than ever! In fact, this age group makes up the largest segment of our population going to fitness facilities.  Don’t just give them boring fitness programming – get creative and make your fitness classes fun, energizing and engaging!  It will not only meet their needs for an active lifestyle, but it will keep them coming back for more.

All hail the king of athletic performance! The glutes are finally getting their well-deserved place in the gym, despite our quad-driven fitness world. From glute activation, isolation and enhancement to correction, strength, power, and hypertrophy, you will learn the best exercises for all clients and goals.

Research shows individuals who do not heat up before training are 30% more likely to be injured! Getting the body ready requires muscle activation, heat, and specific joint movement, in a variety of planes of motion. The finishers are challenging and motivating. Learn to offer an amazing first and last impression.

With multi-focuses and modalities, fusion workouts are more than a trend, they are the future of fitness.  More members are drawn to the pool as we age to increase strength and work on stabilization to minimize fall risk. Using common aqua moves and basic equipment, learn a dozen fusion progressions to keep our muscles strong and joints stable.

Discover the secrets to empowering your clients with the right mindset for nutrition success. Uncover the mind-body connection, conquer limiting beliefs, and learn practical coaching techniques that will transform your clients’ relationship with food.

Those with chronic illness are often living with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges such as fatigue, pain, balance issues, muscle spasms, vision/hearing challenges, tremors, memory loss, depression, anxiety, and more. Because these health issues are chronic, these challenges don’t go away, and often are progressive and worsen over time. In this session, learn appropriate communication tools, exercises, and marketing techniques to attract, motivate and retain this growing demographic.