Sunday – February 27, 2022


Session 1


Increasing functionality is just one of the benefits of offering small group options for the aging client. Discuss not only the science, but the need for socialization, camaraderie, and accountability when training the group. Study how introducing positive competition, and even dance movement, will enhance results and address retention. Experience and practice specific joint action to get started creating your new branded option.

Move over traditional sit-ups and crunches, we’re shaking things up and gamifying core work! In this session, learn fun games that inspire friendly competition amongst your clients while sculpting, toning and strengthening the body’s center of power. Clients will stay for the laughs and return for the results!

Fusion classes are structured to blend together Tai Chi with another movement modality in a way that one cannot really distinguish where one modality begins or ends within the choreography.  Iron Fusion is a combination of Tai Chi and weights.

Dancers learn the fundamentals and build strength at the barre, then take their skills to the center of the  floor to dance. Skills at the barre help create a seamless, functional flow of movements, making it possible for all levels to enjoy the gift of dance together! This workshop will highlight the benefits, similarities and differences of both workouts, and then reveal three fun fusions to showcase to clients.

Most of us experience some form of burnout after teaching multiple aqua classes every week. Building pyramid intervals is a great way to combat boredom and burnout! Incorporate muscle conditioning into timed patterns of HIIT and leave with a workout to propel you UPWARD! Just six (6) simple rules applied to your existing workout will give you more ideas, moves and choreography to push your class to the next level!

Your clients may have committed to the physical process, but have they committed in the kitchen? In this dynamic session, learn how to shift their mindset and inspire behavior changes when it comes to fueling the body.  Learn what is within your scope of practice as a CPT and how to implement memorable and interactive workshops geared around grocery shopping, social influences, sugar, nutrition labels, food prep and more! Give them the power outside the gym!


Finding Your Functional Fitness is an extended, explorative look at movements to integrate into your current routine, regardless of goals, to prepare the body for real-life activities. Learn training techniques to improve strength, coordination, and balance, while reducing the risk of injury for numerous benefits that translate to everyday life.

It is well documented that a 5% increase in client retention translates into an income increase of 25%, which is why a smart retention strategy is paramount to your success. In this session, learn how and where to successfully invest your time, effort and money to create an optimal client experience at the point of sale. Convert more potential clients into long-term clients, and leave with actionable plans and tips to advance your Personal Training business.

Session 2


Comprehensively examine the relationship between stability and mobility in the aging body. Learn effective methods to increase core stability and develop mobility in key areas, improving gait efficiency. Apply strategies for fall prevention through effectively training key areas for body balance.

A barefoot format that challenges instructors to fuse together basic kickboxing, yoga, and dance moves seamlessly with energy, proper transitions and intense flow. 

M.E.P.S is a full-body experience that focuses on Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social and/or Spiritual wholeness. Beginning and ending with journaling and reflection, M.E.P.S takes people through an hour-long experience that brings health and balance to the mind and body connection. Class includes cardio, strength, core, balance and mindfulness circuits.

Focusing on mental and emotional health is needed now more than ever. In this session, experience Ballroom Dancing and the physical, mental, and emotional healing power of dance and fitness from the inside out. Incorporating weight training, interval training, and stretching, this pool party is guaranteed to be a “LaBlast”!

Make a splash with these exciting WATERinMOTION® Platinum-inspired routines. Experience six 64-count choreography blocks of captivating, low-impact aqua sequences and discover why moving in water is natural for our senior population. Comprehensive choreography notes are provided to enhance your teaching skills and movement mastery and inspire active aging adults to safely improve cardiovascular endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Stay current with these fresh ideas!

Join Alec as he breaks down Carbs, Proteins, and Fats like you have never seen before. Learn about the vital roles of each, how they influence our health and fitness, and how to maximize intake to reach your goals.

Not sure if you got the memo, but the world has shifted and the fitness industry has, too. The opportunities are out there, but they might not look like the job postings of old. And, what you need to do to get the job (or even the interview) has evolved. Spend time with our team to learn the ins and outs of what’s out there, where to find opportunities, how to prepare your ‘package’ and your presence to land a rewarding job in the fitness industry this year and beyond!

Session 3


Change the word functional in your mind forever! Learn the methods of elite personal trainers that lead to the best programs, the best results, and an exciting business. Experience functional training firsthand as Kevin leads you through a challenging workout that incorporates every movement pattern, your core, and your cardiovascular fitness.   

Perception is everything. When you think something is fun, it does not feel as hard. And if something feels hard, it is often not fun.  When in a play state, people will work harder automatically, which means you do not have to push them as much!  Get a workout that helps you discover endless options for inserting competitive, reactive, and interactive elements into your one-on-one sessions, small group training, and group exercise. The result is a subjectively more enjoyable, yet objectively more challenging experience, that doesn’t feel like it!

The Pilates Medicine Ball Training (P.M.B.T) is a challenging core training with a medicine ball. PBMT includes energetic functional movement and ten fun linear and construct Pilates Medicine Ball exercises! PBMT allows for professionals and enthusiasts to nourish their core training skills through the integration of construct and linear exercise methods.

The ability to coach core stability beyond expectation will bring you, as a fitness professional, one step closer to aligning concepts and applications. In this session, learn coaching concepts specifically designed to stabilize the spine in a scalable coaching mode.

Swim up to the barre baby! This low impact, full body workout has a high impact on range of motion, posture and mind-body. Join Rosie and learn how to write aqua yoga barre classes to meet the needs of your clients, at all levels and abilities, using a fusion of yoga, barre and joint mobility.

Explore the influence of an obesogenic environment and hyper-palatable foods. Could it be true that current food culture and accessibility are making it almost impossible for us to manage weight and stay healthy, despite how much we workout? Learn from a registered dietitian which foods and triggers are setting up our downfall, and what to do about it!

Hypertrophy or hyperplasia? Protein isolate before or after the workout?  Why is leucine so important? What other amino acids help? What hormones ramp up the process?  Melissa addresses answers to these significant questions in an easy-to-understand science!

Learn “how to’s” in building your brand or class model, giving it strong meaning and desirable steps to develop your business model for success. Whether it be brick and mortar, virtual or “on demand” platforms, get some takeaways to continue to thrive in your business ideas.

Session 4


Core Control is a mat Pilates workout that utilizes a Pilates ball. In the creative Pilates Mat exploration we’ll focus on scapular depression, posterior lateral breathing, the pelvic floor and neutral spine. Learn novel tips for cuing to stabilize the core in order to perform excellent functional movement.

Learn to extract your training, experience and exercises that have empowered you and use them to create a signature class. Be ready to learn combos that work for you, transitions, cues and strategies to take your instruction and tribe to a new level.

The Art of Adjusting Your Students In Yoga: Yoga students love to be adjusted in class. Learn the most professional, best practices for “hands on” adjustments for your students. This class will take you through all poses and the most appropriate and helpful adjustments for your students. 

There is a long-standing obsession with obtaining a flat, six-pack stomach, but many clients are risking their backs trying to achieve this perfect aesthetic. In this session, experience a core workout that focuses on spinal neutral movements and learn to design programming to maximize core development and minimize spinal strain.

Develop a longer, leaner, stronger, and more graceful body by improving alignment, posture, core-strength and flexibility. We will learn how to connect our mind to our body by flowing slowly through the water, breath by breath.

How do you get the most protein in the best way for your preferred diet? Join this session and walk away with a clear understanding of protein sources for all types of eating preferences, for yourself & your clients.

Develop your craft and evolve into one of the best trainers in your region by learning the 5 things that all great trainers do. Learn from an industry veteran, with almost twenty-thousand training sessions, and experience how to build rapport, create change, become memorable, and elevate your brand to elite status.

Did you know that 80% of new businesses fail in their first year, and of those that survive, another 80% fail in the next five?  In this session, you will learn how to grow your business and your team with minimal risk and high reward. Protect your passion, play to your strengths and run a profitable business that delights your community.

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