Leadership Toolbox


Presented by Ann Gilbert
This educational lecture is a resource for the development of a successful fitness manager. Learn how to get the job done and understand if you have the DNA to be a fitness manager while making yourself indispensable. Study proven strategies of those with over 30+ years of leadership experience.

Time:  47 minutes


Presented by Ann Gilbert
Having moved from working “in” the fitness business to working “on” the fitness business, I understand the need to take risks, trust & verify, and build a team that can share an owner’s vision. Let’s discuss the need to build a dynamic team and study how managing the day means being able to change on a dime while taking care of members needs first and foremost. With over 38 years of fitness experience, I learned that as an active ager, I have found my true fitness calling as a boutique club owner.

Time: 47 minutes

About the Presenter:
Ann is the Owner/Operator of two Shapes Fitness for Women facilities in Tampa, FL overseeing 30+ certified Personal Trainers and 50+ Group Fitness Instructors. Ann presents internationally at IHRSA, Club Industry, IAFC and MANIA®s and was awarded the prestigious ACE/IHRSA Personal Trainer of the Year award. She stars weekly on TV as a Fitness Expert and is the Program Director of WATERinMOTION® Platinum and an International Master Trainer for WATERinMOTION® Original. She is also featured in over 20 acclaimed educational videos.