Euro Stretch

With Laurie Tuchman
Begin this barefoot workout with an adaptive T’ai Chi and follow with Yoga-based movement. Modern Dance, Laban exercises and other European body works are integrated into this specialized program.

Pilates Props and Small Equipment

With June Kahn & Laurie Tuchman
An intermediate approach to the progressive series of Matwork Fundamentals based on the methods of Joseph Pilates and the philosophy of core strength and stabilization.

Pilates Matwork Progressions

With June Kahn & Laurie Tuchman
Based on the concepts and theories of Pilates Matwork Fundamentals, experience a variety of class progressions and formats, including modifications as well as challenges for endless ideas for your classes.

Pilates Matwork Fitness Circle

With June Kahn & Laurie Tuchman
Experience a progressive series of Pilates Matwork fundamentals while incorporating the use of the Fitness Circle to activate and condition the deep muscles of the body.