Sunday – October 1, 2023


Session 1


Get a full body workout with the emphasis on the center of it all – the core. Build functional core strength with occasional bursts of cardio to improve balance and movement. Learn essential skills through a journey of standing, seated, and mat work exercises. Don’t miss this core crushing session! 

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Grab a seat and experience the latest in chair fitness. Inspired by “Dancing with the Stars,” this motivating dance fitness class blends ballroom dancing and gentle weight training with simple, easy-to-follow patterns designed specifically for the active aging population. Like all LaBlast® formats, LaBlast® Chair Fitness can be adapted for all levels. Whether you prefer to dance standing up and using the chair for balance, or seated the whole time, you’ll surely have a blast!

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All ages and abilities can Just Beat It? It’s a FUN way to exercise the entire body and a powerful tool for stress reduction and mental balance. Use steps and drumsticks to really feel the rhythm of this challenging workout. Come experience the joy of music, movement, and rhythm and feel like a rock star! 

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Experience the latest and greatest in myofascial release with foam rollers and massage sticks. Explore recovery for you and your clients using simple, inexpensive and portable equipment. Leave with new ideas and techniques to implement with your clients and classes. Want more? Check out the Online Foam Rolling Cert HERE.

This innovative workshop leaves you with 6 inspired core routines filled with uniquely creative strength training workouts focused on the abs, backs, and hips. Enjoy powerful music adapted specifically to the water in a 64-count format. Walk away with flashcards ready to use Monday morning! 

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When it comes to weight loss, people love the promise of a miracle diet that will lead them to the body of their dreams. These miracle diets can lead to a nightmare of issues and send clients down a path of failure. There’s hope with anti-diet coaching. Learn techniques to coach your clients away from fad diets and toward sustainable results. (Lecture)

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You know the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. This is also true when a prospective client is trialing your training services. As trainers, we all want trial clients to sign and we’re disappointed when they don’t. It’s that simple. Your prospective client must envision a better version of themselves. It should be relevant, have a low learning curve, and be an experience they feel crazy to say no to. In this session learn the ins and outs of creating the best trial training session experience possible and boost your conversion rates. 
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Are your clients getting tired of the usual push and pull, single plane, single joint moves that they’ve been doing for years? Come learn a variety of fun, easy to teach, multi-joint and multi-plane compound exercises to implement into your sessions. Progressions, regressions, and cueing will all be explored.

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Pilates is for everyone! Develop your Pilates program to help your active agers feel great and continue moving functionally to live their best life. Experience a Pilates mat program with 15 movement modifications and progressions that increase mobility, balance and muscular endurance. Learn how proper postural movements will improve function and overall confidence to help your clients continue doing the things they love!

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Dive into the world of aquatic exercise and unlock benefits that last all year round. Experience the perfect environment that water provides, where buoyancy supports body weight and enhances flexibility. Join Manuel as he shares his top ten favorite flexibility moves tailored for the water. Discover inspiring ideas to create gentle and effective sequences designed specifically for active aging clients and revolutionize your fitness routine! Want more? Check out the Online Aqua Ex Cert HERE.

It’s not just you and your fitness business that has transformed – your members have too. Examine how consumer habits have shifted, and ways your business can embrace these changes to meet new expectations and be successful in 2023. Discover easily implementable adaptations to traditional business approaches for optimal outcomes that ensure happy clients and owners alike.

Session 2


In a world with endless information, many people often skip foundational strength. This session will examine movements for maximum strength, endurance, and hypertrophy. Explore their role in both performance and weight loss, as well as clarity as to when and where to focus on the basics.

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Proper function of the glenohumeral joint is crucial to the activities of daily living in middle age and older adults. This presentation will focus on simple exercises that can provide valuable results to help maintain function of the shoulder and translate this function to their activities of daily living.

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Kickboxing with a twist and a little shake. In this class, you will kick and punch your way through a fat blasting total body toning workout. The music will have you flowing through a non-stop workout with heart pumping dance jams.

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This yoga practice will emphasize joint health, muscle tension release, and a mindful approach to alignment through core stability, offering movements that can be incorporated into your daily life. Maintain or improve mobility, stability, and flexibility for functional healthy aging.

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Join the newest aqua craze! We all know the many benefits of running, so now is the time to take your workouts to a new depth! This cardio/strength water workout will combine high-intensity and low-intensity exercises with little impact while strengthening muscles and improving joint function. Combine running, traveling, Tabata intervals, strength, and more! 

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It’s always important to take care of yourself, but right now, taking care of your immune system is more important than ever! The good news is that there are lots of healthy and natural ways to take care of yourself, feel good AND strengthen your immune system in the process! (Lecture)

Whether you’re 100% virtual, 100% training in person, training one on one, conducting small group training, or all the above, this business workshop will give you the tools to create your very first, or next, client challenge. Develop programming unique to your training style, method, and client base. From branding to program milestones, pricing, and marketing, design a business blueprint to keep your current clients engaged and attract new clients by the end of this DWY (done with you) workshop.

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Whether you go heavy or light, overloading the muscles of your upper body is key to experiencing improved strength, movement quality, and the aesthetics your classes and clients desire. Review techniques to challenge your upper body in all directions and all positions. Understand how training your upper body can help you reach total body goals faster.

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Immerse yourself in a fluid Vinyasa Yoga experience that safely incorporates fluid bodyweight poses to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Seamlessly flow through asanas, use your breath as a guide, and feel rejuvenated and relaxed by the end of class. Indulge your senses in this full mind-body experience. Perfect for ALL fitness levels!

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Say goodbye to concerns about arthritis and hand discomfort during your water workouts with aqua dumbbells. Join this session and discover innovative techniques that eliminate the need to grip the handle and strain the shoulders. Experience an invigorating workout that incorporates unique patterns using single, meshed, and independent aqua dumbbells. Take your traditional cardio and toning workouts to the next level.

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Long-term clients are essential to a successful fitness business. They are the best source of new business through referrals. Studies show that acquiring a new client can cost five times more than retaining an existing one. In this session, learn best practices to engage training clients for increased retention, referrals, and revenue.

Session 3


Let’s face it. Sometimes working out feels arduous, tedious, and monotonous, even for the most motivated. With exercise psychology in mind, this session will look at creative ways to generate engagement, camaraderie, and FUN with WARRIOR Strength™!

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Drop the belief that aging is deteriorating. Aging is simply the process of getting older. With age comes wisdom and experience. Understand the statistics and learn useful tips on how to improve one’s quality of life and prevent chronic disease. Now is the time to change your perception on the aging process.

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Circuit workouts are efficient, fun, and effective when well designed. Yet, when directions are missed, client confusion, poor performance, and increased injury risk ensues. Learn and practice the top ways to cue station-based circuit workout. Walk away with a stronger grasp on coaching and designing programs that will help your clients land their mark.

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Are you ready to take control of your back pain and help your clients take control of theirs? 80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Learn simple exercises and lifestyle changes that can help your clients become PAIN FREE, leading to more consistency with training and exceeding training goals.

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Combine old school P.E. fun with a high intensity, athletic approach to water fitness. Relay races, tag and even tug-o-war creates efficient aqua intervals that inspire action. Play teaches us how to manage stress and connect to others and the world around us. Share the fun by taking the power of the playground to the pool.

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Join Greg as he teaches you the differences between weight loss and fat loss programming, so you can determine what your clients really need. This session will tackle the fat loss myths and provide the facts. You’ll learn how to assess and program for short-term and long-term benefits. (Lecture) 

You’ve heard the statement that keeping a client is less expensive than trying to market and attract a new one. In this session, learn tips and tricks for making your services so valuable, your clients won’t have any desire to leave. In this engaging and enlightening session, explore ideas you can implement immediately to raise the loyalty of your clients and keep your business profitable. Want more? Check out the Online Marketing & Sales Cert HERE.

It’s key to include seated and standing core work in our programming. Whether your clients are physically unable to get on the floor or if you’re looking for more functional upright core variations, this session will provide numerous examples. Walk away with functional, beneficial, purposeful and effective core work.

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Learn techniques and up-to-date theories on Self Myofascial Release using multiple tools like foam rollers and massage balls. Experience these new techniques yourself then take them home to your clientele where you can apply to personal training, small groups recovery sessions, or large group x warm ups.

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Take your aqua classes to the next level! Workouts in the water are one of the most therapeutic activities one can take part in. Shallow water aerobics builds cardio and strength while being easy on the joints in a high energy atmosphere. Liquid Levels incorporates a variety of movements at different levels, starting from the ground up.

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Becoming a studio owner is not a natural step in the evolution of a trainer. You must learn a new set of skills to be successful. Create your own roadmap to becoming an exceptional operator by examining several key questions. Discover your ideal clients, personal assets, time management skills, leadership talents and marketing choices.

Session 4


Learn unique and effective exercises to train the core from the inside out. Integrate stability balls and a variety of bands along with weighted body movements, to experience challenging exercises that utilize the hips, abs, back, glutes, and chest. This is truly a modern workout for 2023!

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New research and updated guidelines recommend strength training for women. Understanding the right intensity, including volumes, is critical. Gain insights from research including the importance of the SAID Principle (Specific, Adaptions, Imposed, Demands), Tri-Sets, Cluster Sets, and Single-Joint exercises in a transformational training program for women over 40.

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Old school meets new school! Studios all over the world are creating brilliant programs that feature a combination of functional training, strength training, circuits, metabolic conditioning, yoga, and more. Experience a successful class that focuses on bodybuilding principles designed to develop and shape muscle. Leave this workout with inspiring and effective programming ideas. 

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Improving fascia health is important for pain relief and performance enhancement. However, injuries and limitations in mobility can make getting on the floor to foam roll not feasible. Examine effective modifications to your standard foam rolling exercises that include foam rolling against a wall or in a chair.    

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Lengthen, strengthen and challenge your lower body in this resistive, shallow water walking class. Striding, gait training and functional movement patterns will be performed to enhance flexibility and balance. 

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How do you know if you are at a healthy weight? Do you follow a chart in your doctor’s office? Learn from a registered dietitian whether it’s the numbers that matter most, or other factors (and if so, which ones?). (Lecture)

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Get a taste of “Career Path Reality” from one of the most successful fitness consultants in the industry. Learn how to approach the ups and downs of our profession while focusing on your passion and making money. Explore 2023 strategies for financial success and security.

Grown-up Resistance/Intensity Training is the center focus! Learn programming secrets for periodization and modifications to improve muscular tone and body composition. Discover the true “GRIT” of active agers in this must-attend session for those who train, coach or instruct seniors.

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Focus on flexibility and balance both internally and externally to improve overall wellness in this Tai Chi Yoga fusion program. Yoga develops the foundation of internal support for stability and strength, while Tai Chi connects the fundamental and dynamic applications of functional mobility and dynamic stability using movements that connect into forms and sequences. The result is a greater sense of balance, self-body awareness, range of motion and muscular strength. 

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Tab-Aqua Quickies is the exciting new component of Tab-Aqua Bootcamp. Work HARD for 30 seconds, HARDER for 20 seconds, and HARDEST for 10 seconds for six cycles, then rest 10 seconds. Let the music guide you without worrying about watching the clock. Get motivated with aquatic moves that produce results fast.

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There is nothing better than doing what you love and making a living doing it. In this interactive session, learn everything you need to know to create and launch your own fitness business. Be prepared to leave with a detailed action plan to implement right away.