Become a Retention Rockstar

With Kim and Herson Garcia
It’s easy to attract clients, but how do you keep them coming back? Master Personal Trainers and Holistic Health Practitioners, Herson and Kimberly Garcia, offer their inspiring and effective tips on how to retain clients for 10+ years. As co-owners of the Garcia Institute of Modern Excellence, they demonstrate how to expand from simple outdoor boot camps to owning a 4,600 square foot performance center producing over $350,000 in revenue annually.

Stories of Color

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
During a 12-month sabbatical, Lawrence wrote 12 short stories that are featured in his newest book, Stories of Color. His first work of fiction explores the human condition, seeing life colored with universal themes such as the search for happiness, the nature of spirituality, the celebration of dogs and the interconnectedness of all of us on the planet. Come explore what colors YOUR life. We’ll also discuss the topic of writing fitness articles. (LECTURE)