Caffeine, Creatine & Coconuts

With Melissa Layne, MEd
Three of the hottest topics in nutrition but only a sampling of what we will discuss in this workshop. Which supplements are actually ergogenic aids and how and when can they be used to your advantage? What about the negative side effects? Are they worth it? Come armed with your clients’ myths, misconceptions and questions.

Un-Basic Training: Defensive Step

With Melissa Layne, MEd
Keep your students motivated and moving with traditional martial arts moves on the step. This workout contains innovative teachable step choreography of 32 tapless counts.

Pool Pyramids

With Melissa Layne, MEd
Most of us experience some kind of burnout after teaching multiple classes every week in the pool. Building timed pyramid intervals is a great way to combat boredom. Your pyramids may be based on time, strength, HIIT training, or cardio.

Kick & Splash

With Melissa Layne, MEd
Love the power you feel when kicking and punching? This cardio workout offers a challenging program designed for individuals demanding high intensity fitness training in an aquatic environment.