Dec 3, 2018 – Boston, MA. Congress is in session for just a few weeks in December (referred to as a lame-duck session). During this short window, Congress needs to pass a spending bill and has a few other bills on its docket.

IHRSA, the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, working with association members and a coalition of physical activity proponents, is actively working to get The Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT) passed in the waning weeks of the 115th Congress. The best opportunity to pass PHIT—legislation that would make physical activity more affordable by allowing pre-tax savings accounts to pay for sports and fitness and wellness activities. This means that when your health club member or fitness client takes out a health club membership, pays for group ex classes, or purchase personal training sessions, they would pay for these services with money that they earned “before” taxes were taken out by the government. Therefore, it ends up costing the customer (YOUR client) almost HALF of what I used to cost them.

This would help us in three ways:

  • Our fitness industry can service more clients by making our services more affordable,
  • We can attract and retain more clients because fitness and wellness is less costly and most importantly,
  • We can fight obesity together!

Helen Durkin, IHRSA’s EVP of Policy, says, “while things seem to be changing almost on an hourly basis, the main opportunities will come from either a tax package or a government funding bill.”

Jim Worthington, Chair of the IHRSA Board of Directors and owner of the Newtown Athletic Club in Newtown, PA, spoke about the importance of this bill, and how action now is critical. “The time to act on PHIT is now! The PHIT bill currently sits in the Senate. The next few days are critical, which is why everyone in the industry needs to reach out to their Senators today. This is our last and only shot to get PHIT included in moving legislation this year.”

IHRSA has created two grassroots campaigns to make it easy for both consumers and fitness industry professionals to ask their Senators to support PHIT in any moving legislation.
Fitness Professionals should act here:
Fitness professionals should share this link: with their members and customers.

Jim Worthington added, “We are on the doorstep. If we don’t get PHIT passed this month, we start all over again at square one in January. Since PHIT passed the House in July of this year, this is the closest PHIT ever been to becoming real.”

What you need to do
Whatever it takes. Call on your friends, call on any connections you may have, and call the Senator’s office directly to speak to staff. Reach out to both of your Senators and ask them to support the inclusion of PHIT language in any package of bills that are moving and ask that they ask leadership to include PHIT. If you have a friend, a business associate, even members who have a close relationship with either of your Senators, now is the time to ask them to use those contacts.

It is that simple. If you need any other information, has everything you need. In addition to the direct campaign links, the bottom-left of the page contains links to your Senators and their contact information, and talking points and fact sheets about PHIT that could be helpful if you are asking a friend to reach out on behalf of PHIT.

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) is a global community of health and fitness industry professionals. IHRSA’s mission is to grow, promote and protect the health and fitness industry, and highlighting the critical role our industry plays in solving the inactivity crisis. IHRSA and its members are dedicated to making the world healthier, happier and more productive through regular exercise.

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Everyone deserves to move better, feel better, and live better. 3ACT Slide has taken traditional slide training and created the ultimate fun and functional fitness experience. Little did we know our product would turn into a way to help women with pelvic floor dysfunction.

As a former athletic trainer and physical therapist, my business partner and I knew there had to be a better way to exercise safely and effectively while having fun. With its 6-foot circular design, the 3ACT Slide is the ultimate environment for low impact, yet highly beneficial workouts. We have programs for our users ranging from professional football players to pregnant moms. The 3ACT Slide patented adjustable stability blocks are what allow for safe, functional exercises to be performed by people at all fitness levels.

We at 3ACT Slide know that pelvic floor issues, can be solved with movement – movement that is purposeful, planned, and multidirectional. This combination leads to movement that is powerful enough to change your life.

Did you know that 1 in 3 women have some type of pelvic floor dysfunction? And actually, since it is so underreported, the belief is that 1 in 2 women actually suffer.

Pelvic floor dysfunction includes a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Women can experience pain with intercourse in the form of involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles called vaginismus. Pelvic floor organ prolapse is also common. This happens when pelvic floor muscles are weakened and become loose allowing one or more pelvic organs to drop or press into the vagina.

Women with these problems experience a sense of urgency and the need to wear pads or diapers for fear of urine or stool leakage. Although all of these things are treatable and “common,” leaking even small drops of urine should not be accepted. We need to get over the myth that it is okay to leak even a few drops of urine, ever. Not when we run. Not when we jump. Not ever.

Our bodies are amazing creations and they’re designed to help us move in our daily lives. Because we move in so many directions, our muscles are meant to train in all directions.

The pelvic floor is no different. It is made up of a group of muscles that attach like a hammock from side to side, front to back, and some with a rotational component in your pelvic girdle. They create a bowl-like shape and are designed to support your pelvic organs, give you control over your bowel and bladder, help with sexual function, provide support during pregnancy, and work with the back and abdominals to support your spine.

This group of muscles is designed to work like all other muscles in the body meaning that they can be trained to contract and relax, get stronger or stretch. They just need the right training for the job and the 3ACT Slide is the perfect tool for training.

The slippery surface is used to promote motion and force muscular control during both the concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise.

When 3 ACT Slide started, we didn’t realize what an impact the programming would have among women facing pelvic floor health issues.

Did you know that the world spends $19 billion, (yes, billion with a capital B) every year on incontinence products? This is such an uncomfortable topic for so many that it is often not reported it to doctors, not often not dealt with, and instead, women resort to spending time, money, and energy dealing with the symptoms themselves instead of fixing the problem.

That means there are millions of women out there suffering with you. Like you, they are embarrassed, uncomfortable or unfortunately, accept that their situation is normal.

For many women, these issues can lead to other problems like lack of physical activity, social inactivity, and in some cases, depression. Women need to take charge of our health and our bodies and know that things like pain with intercourse, leaking urine of any amount, or struggling to use a tampon are not okay.

Normal? Yes. Common? Yes. Okay? No! You do not need to suffer with these issues and they can be treated and improved.



Imagine a group fitness class where your own body movement fuels the music. A class with so much soul you can feel it in every clap. The beat is guided by your favorite 60s, 70s, and 80s hits refreshing your exercise routine and encouraging you to let go, embrace your body’s natural rhythm, and dance your stresses away. If all of this sounds good, then you might need to try Soul Clap Fitness!

Creator and CEO of Soul Clap Fitness Khalid Freeman was a world-renowned dancer with a dream. After teaching and performing dance for over 15 years in 40 countries around the globe, performing on international tours, and being inducted into the Art of Stepping Hall of Fame, he was convinced dancing is another language. Inspired by the expression and spirit of teamwork, Soul Clap is a workout that combines an element of body percussion with original choreography to give you a fun and interactive workout.

“I remember the day I decided to create Soul Clap. I was in Japan with The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil, and after a masterclass with my assistant Shiori Arai we both agreed it was time to take this seriously,” Khalid said.

As Khalid explains it, Soul Clap Fitness is effective because it requires participants pay strong attention to the details of each routine. The added cardio with body percussion increases participants endurance as it would if they were professional dancers performing on stage.

What sets Soul Clap Fitness apart from any other fitness program is that it is a percussive form of dance that creates a teamwork experience and gives participants the ability to create their own music. It’s for anyone and can be done anywhere. It also gives the certified instructors looking for variety in training something new and fresh to add to their repertoire with the incentive of CEC points.

Soul Clap Fitness fits a need in a market that’s growing exponentially. Today, people are drawn to group fitness because it takes the work, out of working out! According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association: “Media attention on the benefits of fitness and the need to reduce obesity is opening up new angles for target marketing.”

His choreography is original, and he specifically designs each routine to target the natural movement patterns of the body. Khalid believes his experience and creativity allows him to think about the audience and create original choreography that best suits participants at every fitness level. This kind of critical thinking has molded him a to become better leader and performer.

“I’m a natural entertainer, and I feel comfortable in front of people, so that eliminates the fear of teaching. From there I just needed to work on all the other things that make a good leader, not only as an instructor but a Creator/CEO,” Khalid said.

Based out of Las Vegas, you can find Soul Clap’s weekly classes at EOS Fitness on Durango and online at Khalid says the greatest challenge is gaining exposure for the program without sacrificing quality instruction over quantity.

“A challenge for us is getting more eyeballs on the program. We are small and mighty, but that doesn’t necessarily turn into dollars and cents (sense). I’d love for us to grow across the world in a massive way but that comes with a cost. A cost of losing integrity and quality control of the original idea. Creators must face this problem at some point, so that’s my challenge. How to grow, yet stay real to who and what we are allowing as many people to experience the soul of Soul Clap Fitness,” Khalid said.

To address these challenges, Khalid continues to promote and slowly expand Soul Clap Fitness programming all over the world. You can even find Soul Clap Fitness at SCW MANIA® in Boston, Dec. 7-9th! Participants of all ages can enjoy this fun, percussive fitness class created by world-class dancer and choreographer Khalid Freeman.

Register for Boston MANIA® at and become a certified Soul Clap instructor! The Rhythm and Soul! With Soul Clap Fitness certification is designed to unite people through the exploration of body music expanding your knowledge of music timing and the fundamentals of rhythm, and take you back to the good ole’ days of music. Want an intro to Soul Clap Fitness? Try the session Soul Clap: Become the Music on Friday, Dec. 7th from 2:15 – 3:45 PM.

Attend SCW MANIA® in 2019! Enjoy over 200 sessions led by over 75 of the fitness industry’s top continuing education presenters on every topic imaginable. Go to to find one of our regional conferences in a city near you!



Yury Rockit exudes fitness versatility as a land and aqua certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, mindful movement and meditation specialist, certified life coach and a world-renown continuing education provider. Yury won the SCW Instructor of the Year Award in 2016 and has appeared in internationally selling instructor training videos for specialty groups including active aging and the workout series for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Yury is CEO and owner of Ki Mind Body Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam. Come experience Yury’s amazing energy live and in person at an SCW MANIA® near you!

My name is Yury Rockit. I was born in a country which no longer exists, the USSR. (Talk about an identity crisis… Imagine if the place you were born didn’t exist anymore!) My current national identity – and passport – are considered Belarusian or Eastern European from Belarus.

However, for many years I have been living in Asia splitting time between Vietnam and China. I’ve always been attracted to Asian studies, religions, philosophies, and food, so I moved there in 2007 to continue my studies in Chinese and Vietnamese.

At the turn of the century, it was difficult to find schools and professional fitness certifications in Southeast Asia, but I temporarily moved from HaNoi, Vietnam, to Bangkok, Thailand, to prepare for ACE and AFAA personal and group movement certifications. Subsequently, through various conventions, study, and travel, I took teacher trainings and in-depth educational courses in Yoga, Pilates, T’ai Chi, and Meditation. I also became a certified Life Coach through an American company, and instructed live, online courses in the middle of the night!

In Asia, I taught English as a second language and became accustomed to getting around on a motorcycle. Also, based on what was available, I had to completely change my diet and nutrition plan!

HaNoi has been home for many years. I opened my own mindful studio called KI Studio, became a SCW, ACE, AFAA continuing education provider, and fitness model for BOSU and ACE.

When I first came to the USA, I was privileged enough to attend SCW MANIA® in Philadelphia and Atlanta, and later became SCW certified in Yoga, Pilates and other disciplines. My first debut as a solo presenter was at Boston MANIA® in 2016!

Many of my SCW sessions are inspired by mind-body disciplines and fusion. I often teach barefoot to support my message of balance and proprioception training.

One of my signature sessions is “Spirited®,” an integrated barefoot fusion program focusing on strength, cardio and mind/body techniques with a mindful component. We also dance because when the soul is happy, it is “spirited!” This session is really about how to challenge people who only do a specific discipline like Yoga to explore the modes of strength and cardio within a familiar, mindful framework.

Access the session video here:

“Spirited Surf” is an aquatic version of my “Spirited” program because I’m also an aquatics instructor.

Access the session video here:

“Athletes and Asanas” is perfect for more aggressive fitness types wanting a class that isn’t too easy or slow. Through an exploration of stability and mobility through progressions and regressions of some Yoga asanas, we will learn how to cross train with yoga, creating more balance between strength and flexibility.

Access the CEC course here:

“Animals and Asanas” integrates popular animal primal patterns with lesser-known animal asanas for an integrated approach to bodyweight and mindful core training for personal trainers and group fitness professionals.

Access the CEC course here:

Most recently, I have written a “Meditation Certification” which has been added to the great SCW course offerings. This is an introduction to the studies I’ve had as a student of Buddhism integrating meditation and pranayama into all aspects of my physical practice. Whether you meditate or not, you’ll learn some ways to breathe in order calm the mind, enhance the body’s healing parasympathetic nervous system, and generally increase your overall quality of life. Access the online cerfification here: When you take this certification online, you have one full year where you can join us LIVE at a MANIA(R) near you!

When I’m not presenting at SCW MANIA®, training my clients, or teaching classes at Equinox and JCC NYC, I like to take ballet and kung-fu classes as a way to cross-train. You can also find me practicing yoga, reading, or volunteering my “off-time” working with orphans and children and teaching them movement to empower their posture, strength, and self-confidence.

I look forward to meeting you at all upcoming SCW MANIA® events! Until then, find me at or on social media @YuryRockIt.

You can find all of Yury’s SCW CEC course videos and certifications online at! Yury will be at Boston MANIA® Dec. 7-9! Register for SCW MANIA® now:! Can’t make it? Find an SCW MANIA® conference in a city near you!



Looking for some new moves to challenge your clients with? Check out these 3 creative hip-crusher exercises that can be done individually or as a circuit for the development of greater hip stability!

The ActivMotion Bar is a powerful functional training tool used globally for core strength and balance improvement. In this quick video, see how a simple resistance band and an ActivMotion Bar can be used to rock the hips from front to back!

What you’ll need:


The Exercises:

  • Banded Half Side Plank: Lie on the floor resting on one side of your body. Place the resistance band over the legs around the bottom of the thighs slightly above the knee. Abduct (move away from the midline of the body) the top leg to increase resistance in the band ensuring the angle of each knee joint is the same. Hold a static plank for for 30 seconds each engaging the top and bottom side of each hip. Repeat on the opposite side of your body.
  • Single Leg Bridge: Lie on the floor supine (on your back) with a single ActivMotion Bar. Hold the bar on the white lines indicating a horizontal alignment above the body. Lift one leg so your quad is perpendicular to the floor. Pull your raised leg into the horizontal ActivMotion Bar engaging counterpressure from your core. Push your hips up from the ground into a bridge position holding the pressure between your raised leg and the ActivMotion Bar. Hold for 30 seconds each side, or pulse for 30 seconds and repeat twice.
  • Superman: Lie prone (on your stomach), legs extended on the floor. Hold the white lines on the ActivMotion Bar horizontally in the middle of your chest. Engaging your back and side muscles, lift the bar and your chest up off of the floor slightly and hold for 30 seconds. For an extra challenge, lift your feet above the ground while simultaneously lifting your chest. Repeat this motion twice to complete the final minute of this circuit.

You can find ActivMotion Bar on their website and at Boston MANIA® Dec. 7-9! Register for Boston MANIA® now at:! Walk-ins Welcome! Did you know SCW has OnDemand? It’s like Netflix for fitness pros! Check out SCW OnDemand delivering instant access to hundreds of unique sessions right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere! Visit: and start watching now!



All beef is naturally nutrient-rich, high in iron, zinc, B vitamins, and hunger-curbing protein; but how are grass-fed and grain-fed beef different, and is one more nutritious than the other? Bottom line: the nutrition differences are arguably not significant enough to make a marked difference in your overall health.

After weaning, all cattle start out on pasture eating grass.

The distinction between grass and grain-fed cattle comes down to how they are “finished,” or their diet before market.

At about three to four months before market, grain-fed cattle gradually transition from pasture to grain-feed (corn or barley) in feedlots such as barns or fenced-in areas.

Grass-fed cattle will continue their life on fresh, dried or fermented grasses. Compared to grain fed, grass-fed cattle take longer to get to market weight, thus the higher price point.

Yes, grass fed beef is leaner, but not by much.

Studies have found grass-fed beef is leaner by about two to four grams of fat per 100 grams of trimmed meat (a little more than one 75 gram serving, the size of a deck of cards). In the context of the total diet, however, that amount is unlikely to have an impact on overall health. Further, many assume all the fat in beef is saturated, however, half the fat in beef is monounsaturated, the same type of fat found in olive oil. And keep in mind, trimmed sirloin steak is just as lean as skinless chicken breast.

Neither grass nor grain-fed beef are a significant source of omega-3 fats.

Bottom line: yes, grass-fed beef has more omega-3 fats than grain-fed beef, but regardless, they are both poor sources of omega-3 fats. Choosing grass or grain-fed beef as a source of omega-3 fats is misguided. Instead, choose omega-3 rich foods like fatty fish, flax oil, walnuts or hemps seeds.

No significant differences in cholesterol or nutrients.

In the majority of studies reviewed, there were no differences in the level of cholesterol or in nutrients such as zinc and iron. There were small differences in vitamin B, potassium and calcium, but again, nothing meaningful in the context of the total diet.

Take home advice from a dietitian.

For most North Americans, a focus on building a healthy plate would do more to improve health than any one isolated change, such as choosing grass over grain-fed beef. That’s because on average 50% of the calories in the North American diet come from ultra-processed food such as sweet baked goods, fast food, pop, and salty snack foods.

Replacing these foods with naturally nutrient-rich choices, or food closest to its natural state, is a worthwhile goal.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, build a healthy plate with:

  • ½ vegetables and fruit (fresh and frozen);
  • ¼ quality protein (beef, fish, lentils, nuts, beans), and;
  • ¼ whole grains (barley, brown rice)

For nutrition advice you can trust visit