Water Circuit Bootcamp

With Laura Ribbins
Enjoy this outstanding video that features the latest SPRI exercise equipment and creative choreography techniques for programming an innovative and challenging water circuit program.

Personal Training in the Pool that Works

With Laura Ribbins
This video is designed to meet the needs of individuals with busy schedules who want the luxury of a personal trainer!

H.I.T. the Bars After Work

With Laura Ribbins
H.I.T. The Bars After Work gives you the skills to teach a challenging strength workout to a multi-level group.

Aquatic Strength & Conditioning

With Sara Kooperman, JD & Laura Ribbins
This creative video gives you a variety of strength training choreography and dynamic teaching options guaranteed to give you the results you deserve.

Aquatic Kickboxing 2000

With Laura Ribbins
This fun-filled video gives you the hands-on workout materials for a great kickboxing experience, whether it is for personal training or group fitness.

Aquatic Choreography Made Simple

With Laura Ribbins
Add creativity, fun, and excitement to your water classes with simple steps and combinations that you can mix and match to create fantastic aqua classes with no equipment needed.