Presented by Sara Kooperman, JD, Ronnie Fulton, Irene McCormick, MS, CSCS, Dr. Jonathan Mike, PhD & Michele Park

Stretching is an integral part of any exercise program, yet there is immense inconsistency and uncertainty surrounding the practice. Join our panel of experts as they discuss both the art and the science of flexibility training and specific routines that will allow your clients to develop maximal strength gains safely and quickly.

Webinar: How Can I Run My Own Zoom or Facebook Live Class for My Students?

Presented by SCW Fitness
Join this exciting webinar as we explore the ins and outs of offering streaming classes to your students. If you are having trouble with your voice and music blending, these experts have the answer! Learn the secrets of streaming in this 45-minute webinar open to everyone!

Topics Addressed:
1. How can I afford a bully offer a live stream work out to my students?
2. What lighting system should I use?
3. How should I place my computer?
4. Should I purchase a microphone or use air pads to share my voice with my participants?
5. Do I have to pay a Music licensing fee to ASCAP or BMI?
6. What waiver of liability should I be sharing with my clients to avoid litigation?

Webinar: Social Media During This Pandemic

Presented by SCW Fitness
In a world that’s gone fully online, join our panel of top fitness & social media experts as they show you how to maximize your reach on social. We’ll also cover how you can convert your social following into money in your bank account while your physical club locations are shut down.

Topics Addressed:
1. How has the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed the course of social media?
2. What are some steps fitness pro’s can take to grow their social network during these unique times?
3. How can you monetize social media during this pandemic to supplement the income that has been cut from so many fitness pros?
4. Can you convert your social following into clients after this pandemic lifts?
5. Will social media workouts replace in-club workouts?
6. How much is too much for fit pros to be posting? Or is that even a concern in the current climate?
7. In a world that seems to have gone fully online at the moment, how do we maintain the personal connection our clients want on social media?
8. Should you focus your attention to one platform more than another right now? How do you know which one?

Webinar: Surviving These Challenging Times as a Studio Owner & Director

Presented by SCW Fitness
Club and studio owners & directors, please join us in this FREE COVID-19 survival webinar. We have constructed this panel to address the various solutions to surviving the forced physical closing of our clubs. How can we harness and grow our virtual connections to survive this pandemic?

Topics Addressed:
1. How can we shift our businesses to address social isolation including customer retention?
2. How can we effectively and strategically handle membership freezes and cancellations?
3. What are the technological solutions to providing virtual classes and training sessions to clients and staff to encourage retention?
4. How can we leverage this social isolation to generate leads for our virtual sessions to grow our business?
5. What should we prepare for once we re-open our doors?

Soul Yoga – Rhythm & Blues

Presented by Sara Kooperman, JD This vinyasa yoga class flows gracefully from pose to pose using the rhythm and inspiration of beautiful soul music. Enjoy Aretha Franklin as we drift on this journey through her greatest hits using each song as our focus of pose exploration and reorganization. Leave with 15 new flowing yoga sequences and …

Multimedia For Growth & Profitability

With Sara Kooperman, JD
Examine how to market effectively and explore branding your business through various media sites driving it to success. Uncover your unique market position, create email blasts, construct eNewsletters, mold your website and expand your social media presence. Explore ways to take your business to the next level with effective, strategic, and inexpensive marketing. Learn from this entrepreneur who started from a 3rd-floor walk-up and created a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

Active Aging Chair Yoga

With Sara Kooperman, JD
This creative workshop focuses on yoga postures done with the support of a chair. Standing, seated and floor work poses are beautifully blended into asanas that encompass a creative strength building and flexibility promoting workout. A union of mind, body and spirit are at the heart of this program with special attention focused on activities of daily living and the ability to rise, fall and flow by oneself. Supported by a group of like-minded individuals, this program has far-reaching positive effects on aging exercisers of all shapes and sizes, building communities with a mindful attention to self-awareness.

Time: 93 Minutes

2018 Trends in Fitness Programming & Training

With Sara Kooperman, JD
This entertaining presentation examines the common threads in society that will drive our health and wellness businesses to success in 2018. Customer experience, programming options, technological advancements and electronic influences are the keys to our fitness future. To unlock our potential, we will examine implementation, experimentation and systemization of both fads and trends. Review the best practices of various companies both within the fitness industry and beyond.

Time: 90 Minutes

Successful Business Strategies for Owners & Managers

With Sara Kooperman, JD
This exploratory session addresses foam rolling for the Active Ager. Self-care is increasingly important to incorporate into our daily activity to ensure that our body functions optimally. Get “on a roll” to explore safe methods of myofascial release, including self-massage, to manage reduced flexibility, accumulated injuries and decreased mobility and circulation for the 50+ market.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

With Sara Kooperman, JD, Irene Lewis-McCormick, Ann Gilbert, Jessica Pinkowski & Billie Wartenberg
Bring a tidal wave of energy and excitement to the pool! The fabulous Women of MANIA® will provide a flood of new ideas that will give new meaning to fluid fun. Plunge into a fantastic workout that covers all body parts and add a major splash of WOW! to your aqua classes.

Time: 82 Minutes