Tidal Toning: The Bare Necessities

With Sara Kooperman, JD
Using NO equipment, experience a tidal wave of ideas for water training that uses simple choreography options, strength training variations and maximum motivational techniques.

Liquid Tease

With Sara Kooperman, JD & Tricia Murphy
Find your inner sex appeal…in the warm and wonderful environment of the water! Using the benefits of the aquatics environment, enjoy 7 new 32 count combinations and feel sexy inside and out.

Racing Stripes: Aquatic Training

With Sara Kooperman, JD
Submerge yourself into a new realm of intensity using the basic techniques of karate, kickboxing and dance. Self-defense moves including jabs, kicks and blocks come together to give you a unique and intense workout that your water participants will love!

Medicine Ball Magic

With Sara Kooperman, JD
Train like a professional athlete with the medicine ball! This affordable toning tool provides weight-resistance through a full range of motion and delivers an effective complete body workout while challenging balance, endurance and power.