Balance for Boomers and Beyond

With Cammy Dennis
Seated exercises provide a great opportunity for improvements in strength and flexibility and provide a rehearsal effect for exercise progression.  Once these initial goals have been accomplished, add standing exercises to more effectively train for function and balance. It’s the perfect equation for success in older adult group fitness classes. In addition to demonstrating exercise progressions, various training tools will be introduced to heighten the opportunity for improving strength, function, and balance.

Time: 85 minutes

Training Older Clients with Osteoarthritis

With Dr. Evan Osar
If you work with baby boomers or seniors, then you likely work with individuals who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease (DJD). DJD is one of the most common orthopedic issues keeping individuals from effectively walking, biking, exercising and/or performing daily activities. During this session, you will learn exactly why your clients develop joint issues and discover a corrective exercise strategy to safely and effectively improve your clients’ stabilization and movement patterns.

TriggerPoint™ – Hip and Shoulder Mobility

With Brandon Wagner
The hips and shoulders are the most mobile joints in the body, but they often lock-up creating improper movement patterns and injuries. Normal functional activities, such as walking, require extension, exion, and rotation of the hips and shoulders. If this can’t occur, the nervous system alters the movement pattern. Learn to quickly identify these patterns and properly address with self- myofascial release. This advanced approach creates the myofascial relationships necessary to optimize movement, prevent injury and enable the body to perform optimally.

Rotator Cuff: Corrective Exercises

With Dr. Evan Osar
Many of our clients experience tightness, impingement and pain in the rotator cuff. Over time, rotator cuff problems limit shoulder range of motion and lead to weakness that affects the ability to exercise as well as function in everyday life. Discover exactly how rotator cuff issues develop and how to implement a strategy for integrating the most effective corrective exercises into your client’s program to improve function of their rotator cuff.

TriggerPoint™ – Injury Prevention & Better Movement

With Brandon Wagner
Injuries occur due to the muscles’ inability to tolerate demands placed upon them. See how you can make an impact on your clients’ biomechanical function and injury profile with Myofascial Compression™ Techniques (MCT). Developed by Cassidy Phillips, this method was created to provide an advanced approach to myofascial release. MCT improves the body’s ability to move efficiently as an integrated unit preventing injury and preparing the body to perform at its best. Unlock your body and release with MCT’s step-by-step program.