SCW Certifications

SCW Certifications offer a variety of 40+ courses, spanning over 40 years, that range from General Certifications such as Group Exercise, Personal Training and Aqua to Specialty Certifications including Barre, Yoga, Aging and Meditation. These extensive courses are nationally recognized and accredited by ACE, AFAA, NASM and ACSM and more providing detailed manuals, comprehensive videos, and automated testing procedures. Each course is offered Live, Live-Stream and Online and is authored by a professional with a graduate degree who has over 20 years of practical fitness field experience. The certification exam is fully automated and online, instantly producing beautiful downloadable CEC Certificates suitable for framing. SCW is committed to live training. All 40+ Online SCW Certifications include a FREE live and live-stream courses at all 7 of the MANIA® Fitness Pro Conventions as well as at 4 Live-Stream conferences!

SCW Fitness Education provides up-to-date, hands-on training to fitness professionals offering a balance of theoretical and practical instruction that will prepare you for the newest variety of health and wellness programming. All courses include comprehensive manuals providing the latest industry research and evidenced-based information. The live, and live-stream, options offer full-day practical instruction that utilize unique training protocols to enhance your leadership techniques, exercise sequencing, and teaching skills. Every course includes comprehensive videos where YOU are given the knowledge to become an expert in the field of your choice through class structure design, routine creation and leadership development.

As the leaders in Fitness Education, SCW routinely expands our professional fitness education offerings.

SCW Certifications are Reliable, Respected, and Recognized!

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