SCW Presenters typically are certified by SCW, ACE and AFAA and/or hold a four-year degree in a fitness-related field. Past presenting experience is required either at a convention or in a club/facility.
Compensation requirements strongly influence Presenter selection. The opportunity to speak at a world-recognized fitness conference is significant; therefore, first-time MANIA® Presenters are not compensated for flight, hotel or presenting fees for their first convention.
  • A free SCW Certification at that MANIA®
  • The ability to attend sessions throughout the weekend
  • Free attendance to that MANIA® for one guest
  • Access to the Presenter/Sponsor suite for food, hydration and networking throughout the weekend
  • An invitation to the Saturday Night Presenter Party for dinner, drinks and fun
  • A free pair of Ryka shoes, if you agree to wear them during the conference
Applicants may not present at any other industry-related events within a 250-mile radius of MANIA® for 30 days prior and 30 days after the specific MANIA®, unless prior arrangements have been confirmed in writing. Exceptions are made for certification presentations.
Please submit at least two unique sessions for consideration. We accept four and encourage at least one lecture if possible.
  • Session Title of no more than 5 words
  • Session Description of no more than 50 words
  • Presenter Bio of no more than 75 words including any required designations after your name (MS, MA, PhD, etc.)
  • Type of session (Workshop, Master Class or Lecture)
  • Equipment Needs including ratio per person (Example 1:2 – one weight per 2 people)
Yes. SCW reserves the right to edit all submissions. We do our best to connect with the presenter regarding changes.

We work with our sponsors to offer a variety of equipment; applicants must agree to use equipment provided by SCW sponsors when applicable. Please remember that MANIA® conferences provide an “educational environment” not a “workout.” We must protect our attendees from stress and strain, so heavy weights are not recommended. If we see an issue with your equipment requests, we will contact you.

When submitting equipment needs, be sure to include the RATIO of equipment per person. For example, 1:4 means you need only one piece of equipment for every four attendees.

Presenters must submit a bio of no more than 75 words, which includes experience, qualifications and certifications. Get creative; you want to entice attendees to take your sessions! Be sure to indicate whether you require a designation after your name.
We require a full-color, high-resolution professional headshot that’s at least 800 pixels. Action shots cannot be used in place of a traditional headshot.
Yes, we need to see your presenting style to ensure you are the right fit for MANIA®. It can be a YouTube video or even one shot on your smartphone. Submissions without a video or a video link will not be considered.
We like our presenters to be flexible and available for as many MANIA®s as possible. The number of Presenters at each MANIA® varies depending on space availability. Please be sure to indicate on your Presenter application at which shows you wish to present and on which days.
SCW cannot guarantee session minimums/maximums, as each show is different. Presenters will be notified well in advance as to how many and which sessions SCW has selected.

Each session at MANIA® has a corresponding outline posted on our website, which attendees can access prior to attending. They must include specific MANIA® slides in them and correspond to your presentation. These slides include:



Presenter Power Points must not be sales-oriented.

Outline submissions are required no less than 1 month before a conference but would be appreciated as soon as possible, as attendees download them when they register.

Outlines must be emailed in PowerPoint (preferred) or PDF form to [email protected].

Feel free to email [email protected] or call 847-562-4020.


We greatly appreciate your interest in presenting for SCW Fitness Education!

Absolutely! Consider trying out for the SCW Fitness Idol competition. Winners are invited to present at MANIA®! Check out for more information.

Of course! Our sponsor coordinator will contact you after we receive your application. In the meantime, check out for more information about sponsorship.

Absolutely! Check out our Staff Assistant program, where you can go behind the scenes, earn your CECs and save money on the conference. Visit to learn more.