• Dear Applicant,

    Thank you for your interest in presenting at a MANIA® convention.

    Before completing the requested information below, please know that Applicant should:

    • Have experience presenting

    • Try to be available for the entire 3-day convention (Friday-Sunday)

    • Should not present at any other industry-related events within a 250-mile radius of MANIA® 30 days prior and 30 days after the specific MANIA®, unless alternate arrangements are confirmed in writing.

    • Understands that presenter compensation requirements strongly influence presenter selection

    Contact [email protected] or call (847) 562-4020 to inquire about the status of your application.

    Please Click Here for instructions on how to upload videos to YouTube.

    Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you.

    The Talent Acquisition Team at SCW Fitness Education

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  • SCW works hard to keep MANIA® costs low for our attendees (typically $199, which is far below othersthat charge $400). In order to do this, we rely on the generos spirit of our Sponsors and Presenters. Please understand that most MANIA® Presenters are sponsored and do not require any SCW compensation.

    SCW coordinates 10 events (both Live and Online) a year approximately 4-6 weeks apart. For consistency and ease of management, we prefer presenters who are available for most of the events.

    If you are applying to present at MANIA® events, SCW must take our budget and your availability into account in our selection process. Please fill out the information below carefully and thoughtfully:

  • Which MANIA® Convention(s) or SCW Events are you interested in, and what days will you be available? (Check all that apply):


  • Course/Presentation Requirements:

    Please complete all fields for each Course/Presentation you submit, along with any files (video links, word documents, or pdfs) for all Courses/Presentations you are interested in presenting at MANIA®.

    You may supply up to 6 Courses/Presentations, but are required to submit at least one.

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  • If you would like to add another course, please continue by selecting ‘Yes’, and then add the course information below (you can add up to 6 courses). Otherwise please scroll to the bottom of the form to complete and submit your information.

  • TERMS & CONDITIONS: Agreement to indemnify, defend and hold SCW harmless from any liabilities and expenses including reasonable attorney fees and costs, arising from (a) any and all injuries associated with Exhibitor/Sponsor including but not limited to sessions, activities and/or demonstrations, (b) any and all injuries associated with equipment in the transportation, storage, usage or non-usage of equipment, however caused, in or out of the classroom, whether or not the individual adhered to or did not adhere to instructions in classes at the MANIA events, including but not limited to sessions, activities and/or demonstrations, (c) any claim of defective product, design or manufacture made by anyone including but not limited to SCW participant, employee, independent contractor, exhibitor or anyone who alleges injury due to his/her use of any product(s) manufactured, distributed or promoted by Exhibitor/Sponsor at the referenced SCW events, (d) any negligence or misconduct by Exhibitor/Sponsor or its employees or agents; and (e) any material breach of this Agreement by Exhibitor. I further agree to all conditions of registration. Sara’s City Workout, Inc. and its affiliates may give or rent your email address, mailing address and/or phone number(s) to other health and/or fitness related organizations with whom it has a trusted relationship and share common goals. By providing cell phone numbers on any and all registration forms, I agreed and agree to receive text messages from SCW, WATERinMOTION and any of its’ affiliates. I understand the risks involved with participating in this strenuous event and attest that I am in sound physical condition. I also understand that I may be videotaped, audio-recorded and/or photographed during this event, and Sara’s City Workout, Inc. dba SCW Fitness Education, SCW WIM, Inc. dba WATERinMOTION®, and their its affiliates and sponsors, may use any and all imagery before, during and after the event, both photos and videos, for any and all promotional and financial purposes. I attest that I have read and understand and agree to the above.

  • To inquire about the status of your application, please contact [email protected] or call (847) 562-4020

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