Bringing the Party to the Pool

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The infectious beat of the Latin music, the smiles and laughter of the participants in the pool, the warmth of the sun on your face…. these are some things that you will experience as an Aqua Zumba® instructor!

Aqua Zumba® was introduced in 2009 by the creator of Zumba Fitness®, Beto Perez, and the Aqua Zumba® team at the IAFC in Orlando, FL. The program is based on the same concept as Zumba®, using the same Latin & international rhythms, while adapting the movements to the aquatic environment, and combining the adapted core Zumba® moves with basic aqua fitness moves. Since that first introduction, the Aqua Zumba® program has developed into a tight knit community, where the instructors work together to help make this program successful!


As an Aqua Zumba® instructor, we teach 100% on the deck, so that the students can see the movements and follow the choreography. We use what we call the Zumba® Formula, the same as in Zumba®, so that each song begins a new choreography, and is driven by the music. Teaching on the deck can be a challenge for instructors, and it takes practice to build up to. Instructors will see improvements in balance as well as endurance, and they will learn to coach and motivate their students, to make it easier on them, and more fun for the students. Personality is so important, and it brings the fun to this amazing program!

In the past year, Zumba® has created even more avenues for instructors to teach Aqua Zumba® through the virtual world. You can find Aqua Zumba® classes, both live and virtual at This has opened a whole new world and given instructors more opportunities to teach Aqua Zumba®, both in-person and by livestream.


There are many benefits to being a licensed Aqua Zumba® instructor, and it may even present more job opportunities. Of course, you can teach this program at gyms, YMCA’s and community centers, but you may also find other locations such as hotels & resorts, apartment & condo complexes, communities and country clubs. As an Aqua Zumba® instructor, I have had the opportunity on several occasions to teach Aqua Zumba® in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, at beautiful resorts, in the role as the fitness pro! What better way to spend your vacation…. teaching in paradise, while helping others to have a blast and stay fit!


One of my favorite things about the Aqua Zumba® program is the community! We all work together and support one another, to make this a successful, fun & inclusive program. The community consists of Aqua Zumba® ZES™ (Zumba Education Specialists), ZJ’s™ (Zumba Jammers) and Aqua Zumba® instructors, who are all working together towards the same goal….to spread the Aqua Zumba® love! Education is extremely important, since this program is technically very different than Zumba® on land, and there is a lot of continuing education available to instructors through monthly choreographies on, ZIN™ Jam Sessions (3-hour choreography sessions) and community Facebook groups. We also like to teach together for special events, master classes, and charity events.


To become a licensed Aqua Zumba® instructor, you must first take the Zumba® Basic 1 training to become a licensed Zumba® Instructor and join the ZIN™ (Zumba Instructor’s Network). At this training, you will learn the basic structure of Zumba®, and how to put your class and choreographies together. Then you may take an Aqua Zumba® training to get your license to teach Aqua Zumba® classes. Both live and virtual trainings may be found on

Aqua Zumba® is such a fun and rewarding class to teach! Seeing all the happy faces in the pool and hearing the success stories from students who may have lost weight, have made long lasting friendships, or improved their fitness level makes it all worth it! People keep coming back because of the way their Aqua Zumba® instructor makes them feel!

You can experience Aqua Zumba® at Midwest MANIA®, October 1-3. A Zumba® instructor training is being offered on Thursday, September 30, and an Aqua Zumba® session is on the MANIA® schedule for Friday morning. This is the perfect time to learn something new and boost your fitness career.