Congratulations and Thank You for registering to compete in our SCW MANIA® Fitness Idol. The winner receives the opportunity to present at an SCW MANIA® Convention!


1. Fitness Idol will take place on Friday, from 6:15pm-7:15pm. We recommend that you check-in at least 20 minutes early at the SCW registration desk. They will supply you with the room location.

2. Bring your own music (if needed) with you either on an iPod/iPhone/MP3 Player/CD. You must test your music BEFORE the competition and turn your phone on airplane mode when you complete.

3. Dress in comfortable​, appropriate​ and professional attire. There are no specific requirements.

4. Be ready to use a microphone like you would in a regular MANIA® presentation. Feel free to arrive early to test the microphone. SCW will supply a black microphone belt, but please feel free to bring your own.

5. Be ready to present from a stage in front of not only our judges, but an audience of your peers, as well.

6. Feel free to bring back up exercisers including fellow instructors, your students or your friends. They can simply watch from the audience (seating is provided) or workout out with you on the stage or from the ground below. There is typically only room for a maximum of 4 on the stage, and we recommend limiting this to only 3​.​ You may bring a larger group and present on the floor if you wish.

7. Please make sure that your supporters register at (whether they are in the audience or performing with you). All attendee badges must be picked up at SCW Registration prior to the contest.
​You will not be admitted to the room without this badge.​

8. Keep your routine to a maximum of 3 minutes. This INCLUDES your introduction. Sales pitches regarding programs or products are frowned upon and drain valuable presenting time.

9. If you do not win, you can always still apply to present at

10. The judges are looking for:

  • Creative Cardio and/or Strength Choreography on both land and water, Personal Training Sessions, and Lectures on Nutrition, Leadership and Business. (If equipment is needed, please bring your own and let us know ASAP.)
  • Quality Verbal and Visual Cuing techniques
  • An ability to Lead the Group and Connect with the Participants

If you have any questions leading up to the event or you are unable to participate for any reason, please do let
​us​ know!

Thank you, and GOOD LUCK!!

The Team at SCW Fitness Education
[email protected]