2018 SCW Fitness Idol Competition

Do you have what it takes to become a SCW Fitness Idol? We need Personal Trainers, Group Fitness and Aqua Presenters. As the winner of this prestigious title, not only will you receive coverage in all  SCW press releases, but you’ll get a chance to show off your skills as a featured presenter at the SCW MANIA® Convention of your choice!

Each SCW Fitness Idol Winner receives:

  • A slot as a presenter at a future SCW MANIA®*
  • Coverage in all SCW press releases
  • Gifts from SCW MANIA® Sponsors
  • Mentoring from SCW MANIA® judges

The SCW Fitness Idol Applicant should:

  • Lead a 3 minute session of either movement or lecture
  • Show quality verbal and visual cuing techniques
  • Demonstrate an ability to lead the group and connect with the participants

All entries are accepted. 

Please arrive 20 minutes before your presentation to set up your sound which begins at 6:30pm on Friday evening. Please make sure that if you are using your phone as a music source it is on airplane mode and works when attached to an external sound system.  We will have attachments for you to use.

Please note: if the equipment required is a unique product that is not currently available at MANIA®, you will need to bring your own. Should you win the competition and earn the right to present at MANIA®, you will need to supply the necessary equipment to the entire class.

We encourage each applicant to bring your students, friends and family along to support you during the Fitness Idol Contest.  These individuals can follow you on the ground in a simulated class while you teach from the stage! 

DEADLINE: 7 days prior to MANIA® (see individual deadlines on right)

*Excludes flight, hotel and presenting fee.

Application Form

Application Deadlines

NYC MANIA®: February 15, 2019

California MANIA®: March 20, 2019

Florida MANIA®: April 5, 2019

Atlanta MANIA®: July 19, 2019

Dallas MANIA®: August 16, 2019

Philadelphia MANIA®: September 19, 2018

Midwest MANIA®: September 28, 2018

Boston MANIA®: November 30, 2018

DC MANIA®: January 18, 2019