Get Ready for YOUR MANIA® Convention
and prepare like a MANIAc!

MANIA®, alone or with friends, is an adventure to say the least!
We are here to help you get the most out of your experience!

Here’s the scoop:

Clothes! It’s obvious you bring workout clothes, but how many pairs of leggings do you need? A lot if you plan to sweat in every session you signed up for! Unless you are ok washing them in the hotel sink each night. Personally, I would check out the Expo and buy a few things. No one particularly likes doing laundry, even at home.

Outlines! You may want to print outlines for sessions so you can take notes. Otherwise you can view them on your phone, tablet or computer and help save a tree. (Talking about devices… don’t forget your charge cords.)

Also, consider printing your consent form, especially if you want to save time. No one likes to wait in lines. (Don’t forget to sign the form!)

Snacks! I wish someone had told me to bring snacks! Being HANGRY is just no fun. Pack your favorite fruit, bars or nuts. If you are on a tight budget or special diet, bring a cooler or consider renting a fridge from the hotel for your perishables.

Saving Money! Make sure to book your hotel room early and don’t forget to mention SCW to ensure the best possible discount. Purchasing an SCW Membership is also a great way to save if you plan to get the most out of your MANIA® Experience. The membership includes registration discounts, SCW booth discounts, member room with snacks (because you forgot to bring your own) and exclusive member deals from MANIA® Sponsors. If you don’t mind a little extra work, consider the staff assistant registration which is the lowest MANIA® rate and provides 50% off all SCW Certifications. You could even win a free MANIA® for next year if you enter our social media contest by sharing your MANIA® escapades.

Event Map! Not all hotels are easy to navigate especially if you haven’t been there before. You can print the event map before you leave home or find it in your welcome bag onsite. By not getting lost between sessions, you save time for shopping, snacks and maybe a quick power nap!  Scope out the hotel using the map and become the most popular person at MANIA® as a tour guide. You will be surprised how many friends you can make when you are in the know!

Business Cards! Make it a real networking moment by giving out your business card! There are plenty of opportunities to network, breaks between sessions, while shopping, as you partner in a circuit/functional training class and/or lunch. It’s easy to talk to strangers when you are passionate about the same thing!

Lastly, you should really check out the Keynote. There are some real goosebump moments when our peers share their journey and extensive fitness knowledge while challenging the audience to be their best for their clients, friends and family.

Don’t Forget Shopping! You aren’t going to remember every step, squat and yoga pose, so you might want to check out SCW OnDemand which has nearly 600 videos in all areas of fitness and wellness available for streaming 24/7. Workouts and lectures from the best presenters, downloadable at your convenience. The best part, you’ll get stuff you didn’t see and wish you had! It will make your life easier when you get that last-minute call to sub and need some fresh ideas for a class you haven’t taught in ages! And you know you will always get the best savings if purchased at MANIA®.

Then don’t forget about the Rockstar lineup of cutting-edge Fitness Brands that tour at MANIA®. Latest programs, equipment and clothing are all available for purchase at exclusive MANIA® discounts.

Still feel lost and need a little hand holding? Find Waldo (Denise). As the Event planner, she is said to know everything MANIA®. Ask her and see! You can usually find Denise up at SCW Registration and if not, Claudio and Jane are just as knowledgeable, and just as nice!

Now get ready for a wild weekend. We want to see your MANIAc fun, take pictures/video and tag us #scwmania

October 4-6. 2019

December 13-15, 2019

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