Ignite the Mind to Balance Now

With Robert Sherman
Today’s balance training programs are so much less than what they could be! In order to truly develop better spatial awareness, coordination and balance, we need to address ALL the physiological subsystems that contribute to balance and provide our central nervous system with feedback. In this session, you will learn how to ignite and train the vestibular, somatosensory, visual, and auditory systems so that your clients gain confidence and develop greater balance and functional fitness!

Functional Fixes for Dysfunctional Feet

With Dr. Evan Osar
The feet are your client’s foundation and connection to the ground. They are often neglected and a common contributor to balance and gait issues. Discover how the foot functions, what commonly goes wrong and how to incorporate easy-to-implement foot corrections to create powerful and immediate changes in your clients with dysfunctional feet.

Corrective Exercise: Female Core

With Dr. Evan Osar
More than 25 million individuals experience incontinence and 75-80% are females and more than one million women have abdominal and/or pelvic surgeries each year. Traditional core training approaches for these women rarely work and can frequently exacerbate their issues. Discover why many female clients struggle with abdominal and pelvic floor issues.

Active Aging: Between the Chairs

With Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS
Functional movement, range of motion and the ability to perform unassisted daily activities are strongly linked to joint flexibility, soft tissue range of motion, balance and agility. This session explores aging populations with respect to mobility and relaxation techniques including a class design that is unique and appealing for this potentially fragile community.