Nutrition & Sleep: Fascinating Connections

With Tricia Silverman, RD, MBA
Learn how sleeping well can help to control your cravings and weight. Discover foods, herbs, teas and minerals that can make you feel sleepier and others that may interfere with sleep. Get the eight great, sleep-tight tips.

Immunity Boosters & Busters

With Tricia Silverman, RD, MBA
Looking to boost your immunity? Learn which foods and lifestyle practices enhance immunity, and which ones decrease your body’s ability to fight infection and illness. Gain practical tips, and enjoy eye-catching nutrition demonstrations to help inspire you to eat for better health and immunity.

Nutrition & Chronic Pain

With Kim Garcia
100 million Americans currently suffer with chronic pain per the American Academy of Pain Medication. This number includes many seemingly healthy and fit individuals. Join Kimberly Garcia to learn how diet adds to this growing concern and what you can do to be part of reducing this negative statistic.

Group Exercise or Group Injury?

With Kim Garcia
Musculoskeletal injuries have accounted for 57 million + healthcare visits. As group fitness programs and high-intensity exercise routines grow, it’s critical to learn how to offer clients a little of what they want and a lot of what they need. Learn how to design programs that deliver results without injury.

Breaking Into Corporate Wellness

With Andrew Gavigan
Corporate Wellness Programs are offered at 44% of U.S. businesses and the opportunities for fit pros to get involved are abundant. Get the business tools to obtain new, regional, corporate wellness clients and experience accessible, all inclusive, team-building workouts. Certified trainers, group exercise instructors and entrepreneurs won’t want to miss this session!

Time: 52 minutes

Yin Yoga: Less Is More

With Whitney Chapman
Yin Yoga takes you deeper into your experience by slowing down the mind while creating deep openings and awareness in the body. Simultaneously intense and gentle, learn how to surrender into restrictions to awaken what is hidden in our bodies to create space, relaxation and give quiet to the mind.

Neuroplasticity 101 & Beyond

With Lawrence Biscontini, MA
Neuroplasticity and Happiness refers to our ability to train the brain in all five major functions, to build mental muscle. Two important aspects of age include functional and psychological age, and this lecture explores how to maximize our training of the same. Uncover practical applications related to brain research.

Wellness for Optimal Aging

With Cammy Dennis
Examine the multiple dimensions of wellness and their influence on aging optimally. Physical fitness is only one piece of the ‘wellness pie.’ There are many things to consider when it comes to influencing the quality of life as we age. Learn how the dimensions of wellness can positively impact the health of body, brain and spirit.

Time: 48 minutes

Stress and Inflammation

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
It is inevitable that stress and inflammation continue to garner more and more medical and media attention, but is it justified? Is there really a real link between stress, inflammation and the overall quality of life? If so, what can we, as fitness professionals, suggest and implement to reduce them within our client’s lives? Fabio reviews emerging research in stress and inflammation and how our diet, exercise and stress-coping mechanisms can all impact our overall quality of life.

Time: 91 minutes

Common Sense Nutrition: Your Scope

With Kim and Herson Garcia
Are your clients eating healthy but still seem unable to lose unwanted body fat or are they lacking energy during their training program? Kimberly discusses how deficiencies hinder client results and make your job more difficult. Learn how micro-nutrients influence metabolism, well-being and performance. Effectively help your clients become vitamin-infused all-stars.