Corrective Exercise Roundup: Lower Extremity

Presented by Melissa Layne, MEd, Sohailla Digsby, Bruce Mylrea, Tricia Silverman, RD, LDN, MBA & Keli Roberts As overuse and dysfunction exercise continue to become more commonplace, corrective exercise is emerging as a key responsibility for fitness professionals. In this session, you will learn the basics of implementing key corrective exercise techniques for lower-cross syndrome and key secrets and sequences for …

Lower Extremity Movement Mechanics

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
Coaching proper form and technique begins with movement patterns, not exercises. Adapt your knowledge of stability and mobility throughout the kinetic chain to teach proper movement and exercises for the lower extremity. Join this session focused on movement research and learn how to properly coach the lower extremity exercises.

Time: 95 minutes

Building Blocks: Core Science & Training

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
We all train utilizing core exercises, but do you have a sense of understanding regarding hip stability, the three layers of trunk musculature and respective functions? How about training specific to exercise progressions and balance to avoid low-back injury? Fabio provides answers to these questions and more.

Time: 90 minutes

Coaching Not Training: Key Tips

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
What differentiates great trainers from the rest? One key trait is how they don’t train, but actually coach to effectively engage clients to help transform behavior. Learn simple and critical behavioral ideas and how to use various tools to empower your clients to sustainable and successful change.

Time: 91 minutes

Stress and Inflammation

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
It is inevitable that stress and inflammation continue to garner more and more medical and media attention, but is it justified? Is there really a real link between stress, inflammation and the overall quality of life? If so, what can we, as fitness professionals, suggest and implement to reduce them within our client’s lives? Fabio reviews emerging research in stress and inflammation and how our diet, exercise and stress-coping mechanisms can all impact our overall quality of life.

Time: 91 minutes

Tipping the Scales

With Fabio Comana
This lecture is the number one reason individuals join health clubs is to lose weight, yet many clients fail to achieve their weight loss goals.