Lower Body Blaster

With Jeff Howard
Want to learn the latest in lower body workouts? This a complete lower body experience to tone and strengthen the glutes, thighs and hamstrings.. Complete the workout with abdominal and lower back conditioning and hip and thigh flexibility. Includes great add -on to any traditional sculpting class.

Lift Off

With Jeff Howard
This non-traditional workout will effectively strengthen and define your entire body! Designed to sculpt with non-stop resistance and steady state training combine new moves with interval ‘cardio bursts’ to give you maximum calorie burn. Core work and a quick stretch will end this workout leaving you feeling energized and accomplished!

Tukong Cardio Combat Kickboxing

With Janell Smith
Add Black Belt Level training with this High energy martial athletics class. For all fitness levels, we will incorporate a variety of equipment and you will feel empowered as you learn how to kick and punch your way into fitness whether it’s your first time or you want to get in “Fighter shape”.

Core Fit

With Elian Haan
Ingredients for this format are balance, flexibility and strength, delivering quality over quantity with an emphasis on the how and why. Look for simple, result-driven and effective moves. Experience five 10-minute blocks of lunges & squats, shoulders & arms, balance, core and flexibility for a great hour of functional fitness.

Regular to Ripped: Body-Weight Training

With Mike Bracko, Ed.D.
Awaken a new dimension of training and fun with athletic movements of body leverage training. Body leverage training has emerged as a popular workout with and without a partner. Walk away with the latest exercises for the upper body, core and legs. Experience each exercise and feel the effect of perfect form and function.

Time: 90 minutes

Dynamic Anatomy: Core/Upper Body

With Pete McCall, MS
How does the position of the shoulders affect the hips? What is the most effective way to strengthen the rectus abdominus? You must understand anatomy to develop and teach exercise programs that meet your clients’ needs. This session will help you appreciate how muscles function during upright movement patterns.

Time: 92 minutes

Building Blocks: Core Science & Training

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
We all train utilizing core exercises, but do you have a sense of understanding regarding hip stability, the three layers of trunk musculature and respective functions? How about training specific to exercise progressions and balance to avoid low-back injury? Fabio provides answers to these questions and more.

Time: 90 minutes

Functional Fixes for Dysfunctional Feet

With Dr. Evan Osar
The feet are your client’s foundation and connection to the ground. They are often neglected and a common contributor to balance and gait issues. Discover how the foot functions, what commonly goes wrong and how to incorporate easy-to-implement foot corrections to create powerful and immediate changes in your clients with dysfunctional feet.

Corrective Exercise: Female Core

With Dr. Evan Osar
More than 25 million individuals experience incontinence and 75-80% are females and more than one million women have abdominal and/or pelvic surgeries each year. Traditional core training approaches for these women rarely work and can frequently exacerbate their issues. Discover why many female clients struggle with abdominal and pelvic floor issues.

Metabolism, Fat, Abs, Butt & Thighs

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
As a population obsessed with weight loss, the mere thought or mention of ‘metabolism’, ‘fat’, ‘abs’, ‘butt’ and ‘thighs’ grabs attention. Due to rising popularity, mass confusion exists surrounding the proper methods to successfully train these areas. Join Fabio to learn the facts, differentiate myths from reality and learn to educate and implement effective programs to achieve the elusive ‘metabolic boost’, ‘fat burn’, and ‘firm thighs, abs and butt’.

Time: 91 minutes