I agree to hold harmless Sara’s City Workout, Inc. dba SCW Fitness Education(“SCW”), SCW WIM, Inc. dba WATERInMOTION (“WIM”), S.E.A.T. (Supported Exercise for Ageless Training) their subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, conference presenters, conference sponsors, their respective agents, successors and assigns, from any and all liability whatsoever arising out of this event and/or during filming of any training including, but not limited to: physical injuries, muscle strains, tears, pulls, broken bones, miscarriage, death, COVID-19, viruses, allergic reactions, bacterial infections, and any and all illness, or loss of personal property and income.

I understand the risks involved with participating in this strenuous event and attest that I am in sound physical condition. I also attest that I carry my own health, personal liability and workman’s comp insurance.. I also understand that I may be videotaped, audio-recorded, and/or photographed during this event, and SCW, WIM, S.E.A.T, their affiliates, presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors may use any and all imagery before, during, and after the event, in perpetuity, both photos and videos, for any and all promotional and financial purposes without any compensation.

I further agree to all conditions of registration, including but not limited to, the No Refund Policy. Without any further consent I agree that SCW, WIM, S.E.A.T. and its affiliates may give or rent my email address, mailing address and/or phone number(s) to other health and/or fitness related organizations with whom SCW, WIM, S.E.A.T. and its affiliates have a trusted (financial or otherwise) relationship and share common goals. By providing my cell phone number on any and all registration forms, I agreed and agree to receive text messages and voicemails from SCW, WIM, S.E.A.T. and any of its affiliates.