Creating Mindset Shifts in a Mind-Upset World

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“My phone pings, so I pick it up to see a new comment on my latest Instagram post. I respond and notice a new post that I really like and I share it to my story. Five minutes of “downtime” while my kids are eating, floor gets a quick vacuum. Okay, check the schedule – what’s next? Clothes on, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put on your shoes and off to….wait…there’s no school. I need an activity for my kids!!! I feel “snacky” and reach in the pantry for my favorite chips…The kids are napping – must get work done…emails, emails, emails…. Whew! That was a long day…I’m ready for a glass of wine.”

Does this sound familiar? So many people are feeling this sense of “GO, GO, GO!” lately, but not really getting anywhere. It’s like there is constant static in the brain. Nothing is clear and everything is urgent. We are seeking simple self-care strategies, like snacking, social media scrolling and drinking wine, in the midst of chaos and not feeling any better.

Here’s the deal, in 2020 our world underwent a massive “Mind-Upset.” Everything we thought we knew and could count on shifted. We lost strategies that we spent years building. Strategies for business, parenting, social interaction, coping and so much more! These strategies kept us together. They were the reason we saw success and growth. Without them we crave anything that will help us feel like we have control.

So, we look for the dopamine dump. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is associated with our natural reward center – a “feel good” chemical released when we do things like respond to phone notifications, snack on hyper-palatable (salty, sweet, fatty) foods, drink alcohol, and even have sex! Aside from the obvious problems associated with unhealthy habits, there are negative repercussions from becoming a sensation seeker. For instance, we become reactionary to our circumstances instead of orchestrating our lives and feelings. Or perhaps we miss business opportunities because we are unable to focus on the menial tasks in our to do list. Is this you? Are you stuck seeking sensation? Do you hate it? Then change it!

3 Simple Ways to Shift Your Mindset

#1 – Implement Morning & Evening Routines

Give yourself a short list (less than 5) of easy wins to do every morning and evening. The goal is not to get as much done as possible, but to remind your brain that you are aware of what’s going on. When we “bookend” our day like this, we can take even the most awful day and still feel as if we have control.

Make Bed
Wash Face/Brush Teeth
Get Dressed for the Day
Drink Water
Pull a Mantra Card (like these)

Lay out Clothes for tomorrow
Check Calendar
Brush Teeth
Take Vitamins

#2 – Create a List of Affirmations

Affirmations are short sentences based on your vision for the future. These sentences are written in present tense and fueled with emotion, as if you have already achieved your dream! For instance, instead of saying “I am going to start a website with virtual fitness classes,” you would say “My website is perfectly set up with virtual fitness classes that fill up with eager participants.” Cheesy? Yes! Effective? YES!

Our brain only knows what we tell it and because of the Reticular Activating System (a subject for another day) it will always look for ways to make what we tell it come true. By saying these short statements to ourselves, out loud every day we are both motivating ourselves to stick to our goals and “tricking” our brain into helping us!

#3 – Get A Coach!

The most powerful step someone can take is admitting that they can’t do it alone. And, while this has always been true, there has never been a better time to seek out a certified life coach for yourself.

I’ll be totally honest and say that coaching was something that used to seem extremely made up to me. A life coach? For real? Like someone telling me how to live my life? Are they going to follow me around judging my every move? Are they going to show up and drag me out of bed in the morning?

I literally did NOT understand what the point of life coaching was. Then, I hired a life coach. (And yes, you can laugh!) It turns out I was confusing a life coach with a consultant. A consultant is a person who tells you EXACTLY what to do. Never heard of a life consultant? There is a reason why! Can you imagine the scenario I just laid out? That would be ridiculous!

When I decided to start my own business, while navigating work from home and raising my children during the midst of a global pandemic, I knew I needed some help with my inner self. (You know that part of the brain that will keeps you paralyzed wondering what to do and how to do it.) I needed someone to help me navigate my thoughts and continue to move forward in business, life and relationships.

So, how do you know if this third step is for you too?

Fill out this questionnaire, Is Coaching Right For You?.

Looking for a life coach that specializes in fitness professionals? Check out this The Body Positive Fitness Coach for more information. You might be surprised at the improvement and success in your daily tasks, business goals, family obligations and of course your mindset.