Sense of Selfie

Presented by Jessica Maurer Own who you are and what makes you unique! Your sense of identity is crucial to developing and evolving your brand. Learn how to attract the right group and generate more value by connecting your followers, not just expanding an audience. The exchange of ideas and experiences transforms your followers into community. …

Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Presented by Debra Siena
A Leader must abandon themselves to the strengths of other. Learn how to live and lead at your full potential by believing in yourself, giving to get, inspiring and empowering, challenging the status quo, and having a vision. Then select employees who are the right fit, engage them with care, and create a supportive team environment to retain top talent.

Time: 43 Minutes

Soft Skills For Hard Bodies

Presented by Nathalie Lacombe
Despite all of our efforts, 50% of our clients drop out of their fitness programs within the first three months. Lost cause? Not at all! Nathalie offers you practical strategies thanks to the evidence-based soft skills that will help your clients persevere and finally achieve their goals.

Time: 92 mins

Leadership Excellence In Club Business

Presented by Carrie Kepple
Learn leadership strategies and skills that create high performing club environments, cultures and teams. No matter where you are in your fitness career, you will find something useful in this session to help you grow as a leader.

Multimedia For Growth & Profitability

With Sara Kooperman, JD
Examine how to market effectively and explore branding your business through various media sites driving it to success. Uncover your unique market position, create email blasts, construct eNewsletters, mold your website and expand your social media presence. Explore ways to take your business to the next level with effective, strategic, and inexpensive marketing. Learn from this entrepreneur who started from a 3rd-floor walk-up and created a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

Evolution For Successful Fitness Leadership

With Doris Thews
Doris will share 34 years of knowledge from her fitness industry journey where she started her career at the front desk to current role as Vice President of Group Fitness, innovation and Motivation. You will learn what it takes to become to a Fitness Manager, acquire tools needed to successfully manage a team and yourself.

Time: 54 Mins.

Bam! Strong Mind, Strong Business

With Trina Gray
Beef up your business, strengthen your client base and enjoy the journey of life even more with this growth-inspiring seminar. To expand your career, you have to stretch yourself first. Its not just about certifications; it’s about your mindset, your management, and your authenticity. Build the career and life you desire and deserve!

Coaching Camp: Group Training Growth

With Elisabeth Fouts
The language of fitness is changing. People don’t just workout, they “train.” Personal trainers don’t just train, they “coach.” Learn how to apply coaching techniques that’ll transform and grow your group-training sessions. Discover the “coach” within you and cultivate a group of fitness athletes through large-scale warm-ups, movement blocks and cues and focused programming.

Quick & Dirty 30

With Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS, CSCS
Ideas for quick training, ready-made class routines using minimal to maximal equipment. Experience 3, 30-minute workouts designed to inspire intensity, effort and sweat. This session offers hard core, turn-key class designs to improve performance, incorporate partner training in a coach-based group training format.

Leadership Toolbox

With Ann Gilbert
Having moved from working “in” the fitness business to working “on” the fitness business, I understand the need to take risks, trust & verify, and build a team that can share an owner’s vision. Let’s discuss the need to build a dynamic team and study how managing the day means being able to change on a dime while taking care of members needs first and foremost. With over 38 years of fitness experience, I learned that as an active ager, I have found my true fitness calling as a boutique club owner.

Elapsed Time: 47 minutes