Presented by Ann Gilbert
Help your students resist and splash their way through the water with this science-based HIIT program. Study the benefits of high intensity interval training, practice new cueing and coaching techniques, and study with an aquatic master trainer who is determined to make teaching innovative, tumultuous and safe for all types of aqua participants. Get ready to HIIT the ground running and create your own aquatic programming sure to be a HIIT with your clients!


Presented by Jeff Howard
Most of us experience some kind of burnout after teaching multiple aqua classes every week. Building pyramid intervals is a great way to combat boredom and burnout! Incorporate muscle conditioning into timed patterns of HIIT and leave with a workout to propel you UPWARD! Just six (6) simple rules applied to your existing workout will give you more ideas, moves, and choreography to push your class to the next level!

AQUA FLUID CORE FUSION with Manuel Velazquez

Presented by Manuel Velazquez
Aqua Fluid Core Fusion is the ultimate workout, combining cardio and strengthening segments. Learn specific movements that target the core muscles and dynamic cardio sequences to design your own non-stop cardio-core-strength programming. This session focuses on combining specific core muscle toning moves with functional and dynamic cardio segments to create a complete non-stop cardio-core-strength experience.

AQUA YOGA BARRE with Billie Wartenberg

Presented by Billie Wartenberg
Nourish your soul with this Ballet-inspired Aqua Yoga/Barre workout. The session will provide you with many ideas for a functional flow in the water. Attendees will learn choreography and how to apply the sequences to design a seamless, fluid Yoga/Barre class.


Presented by Cheri Kulp
Enjoy six different segments of core training exercises for water exercise. Experience this on deck training course focused on working the abs, the back, obliques, hips, and shoulders. Basically, anything core goes! Focusing on a senior market demands a special emphasis on posture and alignment. Enjoy this session with one of the top aquatic presenters in the world!

Dive In

Presented by Yury Rockit
Join Yury to experience the most effective and innovative ways to enhance your cardiovascular capacity while submerging your head in the water. Challenge both strength and endurance while using land-based pieces of fitness equipment in the water and become a better athlete on land.

Time: 76 Minutes

Aquatic Beauties & the Beasts

Presented by Evelyn & Greg Keyes
An amazing workshop awarded the ‘Aqua Emma’ at the European Aquatic Fitness Convention in Germany. It was voted by 100’s of aquatic instructor/presenter participants as the best presentation of the convention. It covers in an entertaining way Recognition of Contra-Indicated Exercises when formatting routines and a host of teaching improvement domains.

Time: 80 mins

Creative Methodologies For Innovative Aqua Sessions

Presented by Evelyn & Greg Keyes
This workshop shares multiple tools, that extend beyond spoon fed choreographic ideas. It will enable instructors to create a magnitude of aquatic classes with unlimited possibilities to keep all aquatic sessions fresh and innovative, at the same time enticing the instructors potential to a fore.

Time: 68 mins

Water Running

With Yury Rockit
Two of the most authentic and natural forms of human movement are walking and running. Exploring running techniques in the water not only mimics and creates an adaptation for better land movement, but also challenges us to become more efficient and mindful of our form, muscle activation, and breathing without excessive wear on our joints!

Waves on Fire for Active Agers

With Connie Martin, MA
Baby Boomers Unite! Heat up your water workouts and burn calories, sculpt and strengthen your entire body in a great movement environment – the pool. Stoke the fire of your internal furnace by using ability-based, low-impact and multi-joint movements. Learn to stabilize your core while benefiting from improved stability and mobility.

Time: 75 Minutes