Grace & Flow

With Keli Roberts
Graceful movement flows provide the foundation for this Barre-inspired total body, sculpting program. While respecting the body’s biomechanics and joint kinematics, instructors will experience an intense workout that focuses on flowing movement progressions. Utilizing bodyweight movements and simple equipment, learn a class format that leaves the body feeling lengthened and strengthened.

Consistent Resistance

With Carolyn Erickson
Join Carolyn Erickson as she leads you through a conditioning workshop using sleeved elastic (Slastix) bands of all sizes. Explore training possibilities and learn innovative ways to move through space without limitations. Be ready for the optimal combination of research-based data and in-the-trenches experiences to maximize the impact on your clients.

Training Mom

With Elisabeth Parsons
Any woman who has ever delivered a baby is postpartum for the rest of her life. Train mothers in a way that is safe and effective and takes their specific considerations, goals and needs into account. Effectively address posture, alignment and even how to approach a diastasis recti using creative and usable techniques.

Female Training Model

With Melissa Layne
Women are a unique population too often trained using programs designed for and by men. The successful personal trainer designs an individualized experience for their female clients. Learn special considerations and assessment tools along with how to target this specific audience depending on age and stage.

Mat to the Max

With Abbie Appel
Max out your Pilates Mat class with 10 authentic advanced exercises from the original repertoire. Revisit Pilates principles and optimal alignment to understand what it means to be “advanced”! Dissect each exercise and discover how to modify and progress movements for your intermediate to expert students. Take your Pilates practice up a notch by safely and successfully adding challenge.

Power Body Barre

With Billie Wartenberg
Barre Classes can ROCK using the Power Systems Body Bar. Learn creative patterns, dynamic choreography and a seamless flow combining the Body Bar with your own body. Help your members improve balance, muscular endurance and muscle strength with combined cardio blocks to improve overall fitness.

Pilates Strong!

With Leslee Bender
This progressive and modern Pilates session will leave your students wanting more. Discover the vertical approach to supine exercises to lengthen and strengthen your core muscles. You will also experience exercises that are performed on Pilates apparatus that create strength and flexibility in the entire body!

Primal Playtime

With Fabio Comana, MS, MA
Transfer your knowledge of proper movement into fun and challenging patterns that you can perform anywhere and anytime! Train with body weight using integrated, three-dimensional movement patterns and sequences that deliver a workout experience like no other! Keep your clients and participants coming back for more.

Time: 68 minutes

Muscle/Body Blast

With Manuel Velazquez
The plan is to effectively connect multi-joint basic movement patterns with multi-plannar movement action. Lower body movement sequences set the base for dynamic stability. Upper body movement sequences set the base for controlled mobility. Basic tools like weighted bars, hand weights and/or med balls will add and additional challenge for a blast of muscle engagement, inclusion and exertion. Meanwhile, core muscles connect both parts into a big BLAST multidirectional movement challenge.

Gliding Scales – Barre with Gliders

With Abbie Appel
Slide into plies, scales and tendus with this exciting Barre-based workout that incorporates one piece of equipment: gliders. With a variety of dynamic exercises for upper body, lower body and core, discover how gliders can enhance creativity and effectiveness of standard Barre movements. Experience Barre on a whole new level!