Lower Body Blaster

With Jeff Howard
Want to learn the latest in lower body workouts? This a complete lower body experience to tone and strengthen the glutes, thighs and hamstrings.. Complete the workout with abdominal and lower back conditioning and hip and thigh flexibility. Includes great add -on to any traditional sculpting class.

Lift Off

With Jeff Howard
This non-traditional workout will effectively strengthen and define your entire body! Designed to sculpt with non-stop resistance and steady state training combine new moves with interval ‘cardio bursts’ to give you maximum calorie burn. Core work and a quick stretch will end this workout leaving you feeling energized and accomplished!

HPO: HIIT Progressive Overload!

With Manuel Velazquez
In order for a muscle to grow, strength to be gained, performance to increase, or for any similar improvement to occur, the human body must be forced to adapt to a tension that is above and beyond what is has previously experienced. HPO explore and delivers three different basic and effectively proved HIIT protocols to help your participants to push their strength and power boundaries to the next level. You’ll be able to deliver an effective road map to you clients helping them to get to achieve their best and optimal physical and overall self.

Don’t Step On It

With Jeff Howard
This class is designed around a piece of equipment every gym has but never uses -“The Step”. Learn how the step can be utilized differently without ever stepping on it. Experience the step in unconventional ways that are still effective. This workshop provides numerous ideas perfect for personal training and group exercise.

Advanced Horizontal Step

With Gay Gasper
Exciting advanced horizontal step choreography combines with creative cueing techniques for patterns guaranteed to last for months to come. Accomplish all the step patterns smoothly and easily in this exciting advanced step video.

Salsa Step

With June Kahn
Are you tired of the traditional step moves with the same step tunes? This workshop based on Step Reebok guidelines uses exotic moves from Latin dance and the exhilarating sounds from across the border.

Defensive Step

With Rich Valdes, MS
This video contains challenging and innovative step choreography using traditional martial arts moves with “teachable” 32-count combinations. Learn to seamlessly blend traditional self-defense moves into exciting, high-intensity step choreography. What a combination of power, strength and style!

Warm-Ups and Cool Downs: Fire and Ice

With Franny Benedetto
Learn at least three different warm ups and three different cool downs that will spice up your hi/low, kickboxing and step classes.

Step Combat Choreography

With Sara Kooperman, JD
Experience kickboxing choreography that mixes martial arts moves with stepping patterns. With the turn of the century, learn six 32-count combat combinations that incorporate twists and turns with martial arts kicks and punches that even beginning steppers can follow.