Mat to the Max

With Abbie Appel
Max out your Pilates Mat class with 10 authentic advanced exercises from the original repertoire. Revisit Pilates principles and optimal alignment to understand what it means to be “advanced”! Dissect each exercise and discover how to modify and progress movements for your intermediate to expert students. Take your Pilates practice up a notch by safely and successfully adding challenge.

Power Body Barre

With Billie Wartenberg
Barre Classes can ROCK using the Power Systems Body Bar. Learn creative patterns, dynamic choreography and a seamless flow combining the Body Bar with your own body. Help your members improve balance, muscular endurance and muscle strength with combined cardio blocks to improve overall fitness.

SEXIFY: Chair Dance Fitness

With Angela Edwards
JShow off your best assets using just a chair and a variety of sensual movements all while getting one amazing workout! Suitable for all levels of fitness. Please wear capris/leggings. HEELS OPTIONAL.

Time: 60 Mins

Core Fit

With Elian Haan
Ingredients for this format are balance, flexibility and strength, delivering quality over quantity with an emphasis on the how and why. Look for simple, result-driven and effective moves. Experience five 10-minute blocks of lunges & squats, shoulders & arms, balance, core and flexibility for a great hour of functional fitness.

Anchor Down

With Chris Henry
This aquatic exercise session focuses on grounded/anchored movements often omitted or overlooked in traditional exercises classes. In this course, we’ll focus on the benefits of these isolated exercises that can increase core strength, stability, power and flexibility as well as compliment other exercise regimens. Come for a surprisingly challenging workout!

Time: 68 minutes

Flexibility + Performance = Wellness

With Jeff Howard
Partner-assisted stretching releases muscle tension and increases range-of-motion at the soft tissue level, which is part of recovery and performance enhancement. Using Yoga straps and stretches, we will address loosening tight hips, improving your range-of-motion and circulation, alleviating back pain and more. Add this programming to your curriculum quickly and easily.