Multi-Generational Fitness

With Billie Wartenberg
Is it possible to blend the ages of Millennials through Baby Boomers in your classes? YES, it can be done! Bridge the generational gap with effective and functional ways you can successfully have classes for ALL Fitness Ages and Levels.

Balance for Boomers and Beyond

With Cammy Dennis
Seated exercises provide a great opportunity for improvements in strength and flexibility and provide a rehearsal effect for exercise progression.  Once these initial goals have been accomplished, add standing exercises to more effectively train for function and balance. It’s the perfect equation for success in older adult group fitness classes. In addition to demonstrating exercise progressions, various training tools will be introduced to heighten the opportunity for improving strength, function, and balance.

Time: 85 minutes

Fitness Business: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

With Lori Lowell
Take a look at where we have been and where we are going. This lecture will focus on programming and operations as well. Learn about the areas of our business and programs to look out for and how to make some shifts moving into tomorrow and prepare for success.

Time: 53 Mins

Biggest Opportunity in Fitness History

With Dan Ritchie
Baby Boomers were the biggest population in US history until the Millennials came along. Baby Boomers will be 54-72 this year and are still the wealthiest generation in US history with more fitness needs than any demographic yet, they are virtually untapped and grossly under-served. Learn how to reach this market to explode your fitness clubs.

Time: 53 Mins

DITTO: Do It Together Today

With Elian Haan
DITTO is a program that inspires clients to keep working out together. Encouragement and motivation are key and the exercises in this program are done together, functional and fun. Exercise is proven to be the number one medicine to health and happiness. Ten simple and effective team-exercise routines are utilized!

Active Aging Chair Yoga

With Sara Kooperman, JD
This creative workshop focuses on yoga postures done with the support of a chair. Standing, seated and floor work poses are beautifully blended into asanas that encompass a creative strength building and flexibility promoting workout. A union of mind, body and spirit are at the heart of this program with special attention focused on activities of daily living and the ability to rise, fall and flow by oneself. Supported by a group of like-minded individuals, this program has far-reaching positive effects on aging exercisers of all shapes and sizes, building communities with a mindful attention to self-awareness.

Time: 93 Minutes

Longevity Labs: Eats & Feats

With Tricia Silverman, RD, MBA
Learn which dietary and lifestyle practices lead to longevity across the world. Discover how the Okinawan way of life and practice of Hara Hachi Bu can help your clients eat less. See how eating more raw and steamed vegetables can lengthen your lifespan while other foods have the opposite effect.

Liquid Levels

With Jessica Pinkowski
This session focuses on three different “liquid levels” all derived from movements specific to the water. Explore the difference between these three levels – rebounding, neutral and suspended – and how to effectively add them to aqua classes. You will learn why each of these levels has a different exercise expenditure and outcome.

Time: 50 Minutes

The Big Balance Theory

With Jessica Pinkowski
Falling is the leading cause of fatalities in older adults. The ‘Big Balance Theory’ helps active agers restore strength, improve balance and regain confidence and states: The fear of falling can be conquered, and the risk of falling can be reduced! Learn to create a fall-prevention program that fuses theory with practical application.

Time: 80 Minutes

Balance Strategies for Older Adults

With Dr. Evan Osar
Every day in the U.S., 10,000 individuals turn 65, and 1/3 over the age of 65 will fall costing the health care system nearly $80 billion every year. During this workshop, you will discover why your clients are falling and strategies that you can implement to have an immediate effect on your client’s balance. You will discover safe progressions to improve your client’s balance as well as what exercises you should avoid in their training.